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  1. anyone know where McCallum is? Looks like the lions could use an accurate kicker
  2. After seeing how badly the replay system blew the last game how can anyone agree that the CFL isn't a gong show? It's a second tier level of football, while I prefer and love the NFL the CFL is good to watch until the season starts. I used to own season tickets to the lions before I left BC and am wanting to watch some "fooseball" The CFL makes a joke so it's self every week, so I'm sure my comment wasn't that bad
  3. That's all the CFL is for me, a little taste of football until the real season starts! Anyone have a stream for the game? Please PM me thanks
  4. Finally the Canucks draft a player from Kelowna it only took them 20 years to realize that they produce great pros... great pick, Lind will definitely be in the lineup in 2 years
  5. The Canucks have a good history with swedes, I trust our Swedish scouting staff more than the NA staff. The Sedins were smaller and light at their draft, no one can question their bodies or physical strength
  6. I wonder if there's an outside chance that Patrick may fall to the Canucks at 5th, there's concerns about his injuries and the teams in front may go off the board or draft for need. 1NJ Hischier (Would look pretty good playing with Hall) 2PHI Mittelstadt (American and would be good for marketing, also will be given time to properly develop behind Giroux) 3DAL Makar (need d badly) 4COL Heiskenan / Glass if they trade Duchene, but may take Patrick is he falls
  7. It's an overpayment for a great shot blocking 4/5 defenseman, terrible term. He brings nothing for offence and is terrible at moving the puck. Can't wait until 3 years from now when the Oilers are in cap hell and take their rightful place back at the bottom of the standings
  8. We had the Sedins and Luongo all future hall of famers too and couldn't win anything, what's your point?
  9. Not cap Panarin has a big cap hit, so does Saad, Panarin was terrible the last two playoffs
  10. What the hell? So the hawks get swept once and decide to blow it up? Take notes Mr Benning. This is how a GM makes bold moves and stays competitive.
  11. We need to get a middle first round pick to draft Cal Foote, he is going to be just like Shea Weber, only faster. if its Tanev then make the deal
  12. Me to, they tried to get a deal done earlier this season for him
  13. Me neither especially with them needing defense, doesn't make sense at all. Those mcdavid and draisital contracts are going to be huge
  14. Good I think he's going to breakout next year