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  1. Your stats are off, the Canucks last made the playoffs in 2013 the first year Benning was here. Might want to fact check.
  2. So happy for Burrows! Good to see Boston fall
  3. While I still hate the oilers with a passion, I can't help but be entertained when watching them play, damn. That series with Anaheim is going to be fun to watch
  4. Definitely not in willies world
  5. Surprised about Murray, we had heard there were issues the players had with Bylsma.
  6. Regardless what happens the next two years, the Canucks hold his rights until 2022
  7. Good he'll be safe over there, when Taylor Hall knocks your ass out you know your soft. Good riddance
  8. That was the final straw for me, after that I hated Willie, such a stupid comment. The Canucks will hold his rights for a few more years maybe after he sees how much better things are over here he will come back.
  9. Yes he took that group almost into the playoffs, I believe with a week and a half to go they were only 2-3 points out, but had a losing streak at the end to miss by 10 points.
  10. He was the coach of the Oilers when Mac T fired him to save his job, was given a raw deal in Edmonton but coached team Europe to the World Cup finals. He's a good coach and very good at coaching young players. I still want crow but would be ok with Krueger
  11. #10 for me, though I do own the Bure Canucks salmon jersey with 96, didn't have a choice those jerseys are hard to find
  12. I'd like to see a Calgary Edmonton series, fast, hard hitting with some great offensive play.
  13. I can agree with that, if they could update it without taking away the originality... I still rock my Bure and Linden skate jerseys for every game. Never did buy any of the blue and green jerseys, never did like them
  14. I agree, the skate jerseys just looked aggressive. If I had a choice it would be for a return to that colour scheme with an updated skate logo
  15. Beautiful, my favourite Canucks jerseys