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  1. Boucher is a perfect reason why Willie needs to be fired, you play to a players strengths not make them change. Boucher is a skilled offensively gifted player, he may not be the greatest defensively, that's why you put good defensive players with him. You can't win games if you don't score
  2. I think Sutter will be the Canucks head coach when this happens
  3. I've met both of them, Messier makes my skin crawl he's one of the biggest aholes ever. Gretz on the other hand was awesome taking time to meet with every kid, won't sign most of the time though due to the memorabilia sharks out there, highlight of my life meeting him. No one beats Linden though, believe it or not Bure was awesome to meet and really friendly, maybe retirement has changed him lol
  4. As much as I respect his game he won't be in the league much longer if he keeps getting beaten up the way he does
  5. Reaves should be in the box, it's an automatic minor for dropping your gloves regardless if you do anything
  6. He stayed down until he heard the penalty call and jumped right up, he's a POS, never liked him
  7. Competent is still better then the last 20 years of drafting by this team
  8. Nope they would take the Elite #1 defensemen all day long, there is only 10 in the whole league (Keith, burns, doughty, Subban, Weber, Bufyuglan, Karlsson, OEL, Josi, Hedman) with Jones and Ekblad being in the close but still not there category. Decent scoring wingers are more available and plentiful.
  9. They have to play in pressure situations to learn not sit on the bench and watch the Sedins let in another goal
  10. Oh Willie please can you leave the Sedins out, we don't need the point
  11. That idiot knows he's done after this year, just trying to piss us all off
  12. Damn you Willie how do the kids learn if you don't play them, why is shore on instead of Boucher
  13. I've started to hate Sbisa again