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  1. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Henrik not even available to pick. I GIVE UP ! It is clear nobody cares to make this game work. They have had weeks to fix up all the issues, probably havent done a thing. If the Canucks website doesnt even know who is on the team , there is no point going to the Canucks website - which is pretty lousy in other ways too, besides the fantasy hockey which continues to be a joke. If this is a relfection on the Canucks organization, and to me it is, then it is now wonder that our teams performance is as bad as the website. Mr. Aquilini, when you dismiss the non performing General Manager, and the arrogant coach, please dismiss the entire staff that manages your website. LIke I said, I GIVE UP! NOBODY CARES, AND WE GET FRUSTRATED TRYING TO PLAY A GAME THAT JUST DOESNT WORK, THAT FACT HAS BEEN POINTED OUT TO THE PEOPLE THAT RUN THIS THING FOR YEARS NOW!
  2. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Henrik is supposed to return anytime, but he is not in the lineup for us to pick! Lots of guys long gone available to pick. I will say it again - either manage the team up to the minute, or leave everybody available , PLEASE. There is no consistency to the roster management.
  3. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Joe , 3 things. 1/ could you please explain how you are now handling player movements / lineup changes - just so we know what to expect? 2/ Dalpe is missing from the roster, as has already been mentioned on this board. 3/ Kellen Lain's player value of 3 seems a bit much, a rookie, never played NHL. Archibald was top scorer in Utica and he has a value of 1, which seems a bit closer to what it should be, IMO. Thanks for all your work.
  4. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Thanks Joe! Nice to see the bugs worked out. You were handed a total mess, and have tuned this up enough that we can use it again. Great Job. Ask for a raise!
  5. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Joe, you have done some great work in cleaning up this hockeypool. Unfortunately, new issues seem to keep popping up, leaving us players still without any confidence in our reported scores. See Tacoma's post about double-scoring luongo. Also, I have one suggestion for the future - once the bugs are cleaned up. Prizes are supposed to be awarded for top score of the month, yet we have no means of sorting the leadeboard by month, to see where we are in the monthly standings. Maybe that option could be added? Also, it would be nice if the monthly prizewinners were noted somewhere - even if only their username, doesnt have to be ther real name. Again, thanks for your work here, it is truly unbeleivable what a mess you have been handed.
  6. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    the rules say game stars will get points too, so that needs to be added. and if it is, we as users need to know where we can check who was called a star for the game. Is that info on canucks.com anywhere?
  7. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Thanks again for your post #116. hopefully no one is blaming you for the condition of the game. our frustration is the same bugs have existed for years, and we couldn even find anyone to fwd the bugs to, let alone find anyone to fix them. So, we seem to have progress.
  8. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Well, again thanks for your efforts so far. And thanks for updating us here. I wonder how many people play the pool on a regular basis? As very few of them look here for info. It would be nice if your messages were posted on the hockey pool homepage somehow. I am glad to hear that the "canucks" are interested in getting this pool on track. Again, thanks for our efforts and I hope you continue to delve into the game and fix all the bugs. I will keep a eye out fo more problems and post them here. The one suggestion I have is the roster itself. The way I see it you have 2 choices: 1/ monitor the team, and offer only the current guys on the team, including those in the press box. Update the team right up to game time, removing any last minute scratches, adding callups etc. 2/ offer everyone that has played this year, even if they are injured, or sent down to the minors. this requires us fans to pay attention to the team. Remove a player only if he is traded out of the organization
  9. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    so you "pushed some major changes" . yet we have no way of knowing what they were. Did you fix bigbees issue? Joe, what, in your view, now works on this game, and what bugs remain to be fixed? It seems there is no monitoring of this game - else why did you have to ask for a username, when no users were working? I would think there would be a couple of "test" teams that you would use, and verify them manualy every game, to know that your data base was scoring properly. Again, this pool is now being advertised on tv during the game - I would think the people responsible for those ads would expect better than what we have.
  10. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    Joe, every facet of this game needs to be looked at, in some kind of orderly fashion, and every facet needs to be made to work. The scoring needs to reflect the rules of the game and scoring parameters that are presented in the rules for instance - see bigbee65's post of today. I would think, if this pool is going to be presented on tv, during the games, as it was today, that having something that worked would look a lot better than what we have.
  11. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    try any user joe
  12. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    strange thing is, I just heard john advertising this bizarre pool on tv!
  13. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    well, just about ready to give up on this thing. maybe the guy working it should to. for some reason roster not showing for sundays game. is it really that hard to set this pool up? As players of this pool we still dont know whether the scoring is correct - we seem to make bigger than expected leaps up or down in the standings. we dont know if the game will wrk or not, like today. We still have players to select that are in utica. I play the cbc pool, it works great. i play the dominion hockey pool, it works. I play the hat trick challenge on nhl.com, it works every day.
  14. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    probably too late to make a big change now. but many pools have penalties counting as positive points rather than negative like ours is. if we had positive points for penalties that may give a reason to pick some of the other players instead of only centreman and goal scorers that one has to pick under the current format.
  15. Canucks Fantasy Hockey problem?

    have some people, including the points leader had a game scored twice? As already posted, some people are credited with 26 games when only 25 were played. maybe their scores are inflated by a game being added in twice? Please check. Thanks