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  1. 70-80k, which is WAY more than they deserve. As a parent, it is so annoying to hear them misplace blame.
  2. Their salary is more than enough for the work they do. They are NOT doctors, nurses, firefighters, or police officers. They are fine, and there is no way public will continue to support these greedy, selfish idiots.
  3. What annoys me the most is that BCTF implies that its gov that is responsible for the strike and preventing teachers from teaching the kids. What a bunch of lies. I hope their greedy union will not get anything and will be forced to work. They are getting paid more than enough for the work they do.
  4. Lots of hate here, I personally do not concern myself with it, why not. Who cares which way they earned it? I do not understand why people are stressing out the point that their parents are corrupt, etc. So what? So what if they did not earn it? So what if its shallow? You do not watch day-time TV to educate yourself, you watch Discovery channel for it. This show is like Jerry Springer, mindless entertainment - just enjoy it if its something you are interested in. Its not a crime to spoil your children the last time I checked. P.S. If it is aired, I'll check it out to see how hot are the girls.
  5. No. I hope 10% cut will be implemented ASAP.
  6. Snowpiercer 8/10 Interesting plot.
  7. Hey, where did you find that sig?

  8. Craiglist? eBay?
  9. Wow, that's quite a difference, are EU servers like easier? That's quite a difference, like 2 ranks up.

  10. Well, I am gold on the NA server, but master on EU server.

  11. Only gold, I noticed by OGS and MVP and the puma picture :P

  12. I do, I do not have much time to play, but I do from time to time. I'm in Plat league, you?

  13. Do you like Starcraft?