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  1. Sharks taking a good look at Chad Johnson in Buffalo.
  2. It's worth a thought but not much more than that. Anaheim ideally would bring in more size and grit to match against LA, or speed to match Chicago. Vrbata doesn't really facilitate either requirement. Vrbata is due for the East.
  3. Islanders might be a dark horse on this one, depending on where you sit with Travis Hamonic. In fact this could be the centerpiece of the Deadline's biggest trade of the day. Despite the off-ice issues (regarding Brooklyn and Long Island), the Islanders are a dark horse team to compete this year. Let's pause on the Hamonic discussion for a moment and simply look at their roster. They have the organizational depth to bring in a "rental" like Ladd-- and there's certainly a place for him on the team. Okposo has struggled and Nelson is miscast as a top liner when they do put him on there. Ladd playing with Tavares would make a lot of sense and bring in that veteran experience that Snow is desperate for. Back to Hamonic, it's no secret that Travis would welcome a trade to Winnipeg (or any western Canadian team) and the Jets have been discussing this all year-long. Snow could conceivably wait to trade Hamonic during the off-season but if he has a chance to acquire Ladd, you know Cheveldayoff is bringing up Travis' name in discussions. I really think this will be the foundation for the biggest trade on Monday.
  4. Chicago is simply doing their due diligence. They're likely scouting half a dozen players at any given time. Don't read into this too much. Vrbata will likely find a suitor in the East. The Florida Panthers have tended to give veterans a chance to play since Dale Tallon took over. If they're serious about matching depth against the Capitals or Rangers, I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers take a chance. Vrbata would definitely give them depth on the right wing after Jagr.
  5. Not a surprising revelation. Eller never found his niche in Montreal. Wouldn't be surprised if the Blues are now looking at bringing him back now since Steen is out for a while.
  6. On paper, Valeri would be a solid addition to the Top-6. The issues surrounding him are his game-to-game inconsistencies and the fact he doesn't utilize his size and strength often enough. He has sweet hands and has got great hustle down low but he could get into the high traffic areas more often. He's also dealt with some injuries which have somewhat slowed his development. With the Stars currently in "win now" mode, I wouldn't be surprised to see them pull the trigger. But for the same reasons that Vancouver would like him, Calgary is interested too. They have a cheaper Kris Russell to offer (not to mention younger) and Valeri adding some size to their young core would be ideal. It'll come down to which team wants to throw in the better draft pick or prospect.
  7. I think this is just the Islanders kicking tires. He had a down season this year which wasn't helped by his major eye injury, but he's had success playing with Tavares and he's one of their only producing right wingers. I'm curious though-- the Islanders have a logjam of capable centers, and I think they implemented Brock Nelson as a winger throughout parts of the season to varying levels of success.. Just wondering out loud here. Anyways, likelihood of Okposo coming to Vancouver seems remote. I don't see any workable trading assets between the two teams.
  8. Why does Vancouver make this trade? At this time, the Canucks (when healthy) dress 5 right-wingers in Radim Vrbata, Alex Burrows, Zack Kassian, Derek Dorsett and Jannik Hansen. We call that a surplus. The team can afford to ship out one of the mentioned above, and not expect a drop in performance. Consider that several of these players share similar roles-- physical, agitating, net-crashing wingers. A surplus is the most logical area of any team to consider trading from. At this time, the Canucks (when healthy) dress 5 defensemen in Dan Hamhuis, Kevin Bieksa, Alex Edler, Chris Tanev and Luca Sbisa. Ryan Stanton fell down the depth chart this year-- partly due to injury and partly due to Yannick Weber's noted improvement. With Frank Corrado pushing for a permanent role next season, the team is in a good position to consider trading the RFA rights for any of the latter three. I chose Stanton because he plays a physical style that seems appropriate for "Bruins hockey." The truth? Vancouver's best move here is shedding some salary. Though it's not much-- the $2.5 million saved from Hansen's contract can be an important step in the right direction. Assuming the Canucks sign Connolly to a low-risk, low-cash deal (likely), they can utilize him in the top-6 which I believe, is the only role Connolly can play successfully. He is not suited for lengthy grinder roles. Why does Boston make this trade? Though the Bruins missed out on the playoffs, it wasn't by much. This team isn't as bad as everyone thinks and this would be a simple way of injecting new life into the roster. Hansen's speed and physical play is something that should fit the Bruins' forward depth-- he adds to their penalty kill and has plenty of playoff experience himself. At $2.5 million, the Bruins really can't ask for a more economical solution. Stanton, much like the Badger and as previously mentioned, plays that "Bruins hockey." He's tough, he's got a mean-streak and he likes to hit. Consider the Bruins may lose Matt Bartkowski to unrestricted free agency this summer and need to extend Dougie Hamilton-- the team should be salivating at the thought of being able to sign a relatively cheap Stanton. He has shown himself capable in the past while playing regular minutes. It's 2am. If you want more detailed explanations, I'm sorry but I'm going to bed. Discuss what you think.
  9. I actually really like this one. Although Detroit has more of a long-term necessity for younger, talented forwards like Teemu.. Their current biggest weakness is on defense. With Zetts and Datsyuk not having many years left, I could see Wings management/ownership pulling the trigger on a move like this to capitalize/gamble on their short-term potential by adding a veteran like Juice and a serviceable, younger power forward. The risk? Kassian recovers from back injury and learns a little too well on how to crash the net from Johan Franzen. We hate him for the rest of his career.
  10. Value quality is pretty even here, but for the reasons stated above-- Washington loves Brouwer, and he wouldn't actually have a spot readily available in Vancouver. Physical, speedy, net-crashing right winger? Between Kassian, Hansen, Dorsett and Burrows.. We're pretty set on that particular type.
  11. Totally forgot I posted all of this until I re-read this thread and went, "Hey, that's me!" Anyways, thanks for your patience as I lag behind in my reply. You make sound arguments with all of those topics, but I think you proved me right regarding some of what you said. I was arguing that the Devils didn't do a better job, or give stronger effort to keep the players they lost. In some cases they outright traded them, so obviously that's a different story. But when Rafalski split for the Wings, that left a huge hole in Jersey's blueline that hasn't yet been replaced in 2015. When Niedermayer left for Anaheim, Lou I think was genuinely disappointed and crushed-- but why did the two parties never discuss Scott's return to New Jersey for a 1-day contract to retire a Devil? I don't know what their personal lives and interests are life, but Scott and the Devils organization have a rich history together. That's another shrug at loyalty; what does it even mean? Scott obviously enjoyed a Hall of Fame career... Yet he remains an employee with the Anaheim Ducks and not New Jersey. Moving onto John Madden, he was credited as being one of the biggest difference makers for the Devils during their early 2000's run to the Cup Finals. Yet, as soon as he's aging, they once again show him the door. The guy won the Cup with this team. More than once. That kind of cold "business" decision is remarkable-- He's exactly the kind of character, team-guy that an organization should aim to keep, not discard. Jamie Langenbrunner-- Not exactly a Hall of Famer, but clearly had much more value to the organization than a simple player. He was named team captain for 4 years between 2007-2011 before his departure, and he also was a big part of their shutdown line en route the 2003 Stanley Cup. If you were in his shoes.. Wouldn't you feel a little insulted? Keep in mind, the Devils weren't a "young" team in Langenbrunner's last season with New Jersey. Their Top-6 included Patrik Elias, Brian Rolston, Jason Arnot and Dainius Zubrus who were ALL over the age of 32-- and Jamie wasn't even the oldest-- They were still using a tandem of Brodeur and Hedberg. So, I don't understand how you can make the argument that the Devils wanted to get younger.. They clearly weren't. Paul Martin is the only one I don't really have a strong case for. But he was literally the next best thing on their blueline after Rafalski left. And then he left, too. An organization that can't keep truly important players.. Well, it doesn't surprise me to see they're struggling now. Oh, and my biggest point? Ilya Kovalchuk. Say what you want about his dash to the KHL-- He clearly did not enjoy his time in New Jersey; and this is by far, their most important and expensive player in decades.
  12. Scott Niedermayer John Madden Brian Rafalski Jamie Langenbrunner Paul Martin You could argue most of those players could and maybe should have ended their careers in Jersey. But the organization either let them walk or traded them away. They're still a business and money talks. Don't buy into the notion of loyalty until the player has retired.
  13. Good signing for him. Now I wonder about Drew Shore..
  14. Hefty signing, but he's found a real comfortable spot in Columbus, and his pay increase should balance out by the (likely) contract termination of Nathan Horton. Assuming Nathan retires due to his injury complications, that is. All the best to both players, and good move on the Jackets to keep him.
  15. Lindy Ruff reminding us he wore the mustache before it was cool.