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  1. The media specifically calls them "Asians" which is a very confusing term in this situation. These grooming gangs have been operating all across Europe, especially the UK and law enforcement is afraid to be labeled "Racist" These are children. It is completely unacceptable and embarrassing. Protecting these scum bags just enrages me.
  2. Agreed but a player with a history of concussion issues is more likely to be out of the league if he sustains another concussion as opposed to a player that hasn't.
  3. Maybe Edmonton would trade Pool Party for him? Rangers are probably thinking "Man, we got the wrong Swede in that draft!"
  4. I remember when we drafted this guy and all the hype surrounding him. Ugh.
  5. Man these are just awful awful awful trades. Why would they trade their most recent first overall pick for a bunch of plugs? Eriksson has negative value. Goldobin was waivers fodder. Rights to a guy who is in russia and hasn’t played in the league for a couple of years with no guarantee he is coming back. a 2nd round pick. Jesus Christ. Markstrom. Okay. Some value. Sutter. Injury prone. Neutral value at best Goldobin. See above. Taking on Schneider’s contract isn’t worth Jack Hughes. We would have to throw in a lot more. awful trade proposals.
  6. Great d man and great leader. The guy was underpaid for years. Now it’s time to cash in.
  7. Will miss the guy but it is what it is. Best of luck with the Kings!
  8. I agree, It was a lose-lose situation but there is a small chance one of those guys finds their game.