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  1. Great d man and great leader. The guy was underpaid for years. Now it’s time to cash in.
  2. Will miss the guy but it is what it is. Best of luck with the Kings!
  3. I agree, It was a lose-lose situation but there is a small chance one of those guys finds their game.
  4. You would take an aging 33 (34 year old next month) recently injury prone dman who's missed 80 games in the past 2 seasons over a 25 year old Trouba? Weber is on the decline and Trouba is in his prime. I know you mentioned building a team to win now but with Weber's foot issues, I would go with Trouba. 6'4 229 Weber - 58GP 14G, 19A, 33Pts +15 6'3 202 Trouba- 82 GP, 8 G, 42A, 50Pts. +8 Both physical of course. I am not sure what you mean by me first American attitude? Ryan Kesler was Ryan Kesler. Trouba wanted out of Winnipeg because of his wife's career situation and he had to play on the left side (as they had enough right handed shots on the depth chart.) https://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/jacob-trouba-trade-rangers-winnipeg-1.32576195
  5. Would love to have Trouba here. However because of his wife's situation he wanted to be in the US I believe. Saw a report on it, I think she is a specialized physician or something.
  6. In all fairness, there weren't many good players that went after. Some notables below: Theodore Hartman Dano Dickinson Petan Bjorkstrand in the third round Guentzel in the third round Andrew Copp in the fourth round Will Butcher in the fifth round.
  7. Washington is even worse. McMichael Alexeyev Johansen Samsonov For McDavid? Yup. Vrana Burakovsky Forsberg Wilson for McDavid? Hmmmm.
  8. Just for fun here. Let’s use Boston as a guinea pig. Last 7 first round picks. Beecher Vaakanainen McAvoy Frederic For McDavid? What about the next 3? Zboril Debrusk Senyshyn Pastrnak is the next one.