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  1. So far it looks like we won the trade but let's revisit this question in a few years. Watch the flames trade Hunter for a 6th round pick and it turns into the next superstar. Not likely. But anything can happen.
  2. Always had a soft spot for this guy. Not saying we should claim him but loved his speed.
  3. 3/82 3.65% of games played. It's a long season!
  4. Steal for the ducks on this one!
  5. The irony of this had he made the team
  6. Buy High. Sell low. The philosophy of the Edmonton Oilers.
  7. Oiler fans wish they had Ryan Murray at this time. However had they taken Murray, they might not have been as terrible and gotten McDavid or JP
  8. You forgot step 4- trade them for 3rd and 4th round picks. Then they will hit waivers again. Claim them both off waivers. Trade them again. Rinse and repeat. NHL 16 style
  9. Karma comes around
  10. Although it would not happen, OJ for Trouba is a fair deal. 5th overall pick for a proven Dman? For all we know, OJ could be a bust. That or he could be the next superstar dman
  11. Well technically they got a little tripped up with Datsyuk retiring early. Had to trade his contract away.
  12. Sbisa has looked horrible so far.
  13. The guy was conceited and stuck up as hell when he played for the Saskatoon Blades. Not a big fan.
  14. Man's best friend