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  1. Not sure who that is. Tough job out there. Nice weather at least.
  2. I think both teams win if that’s the case. Anaheim gets a first round pick, prospect and Boston gets rid of dead salary and acquires a good player.
  3. Why do I think the Rangers would have taken close to this for Kreider? Top prospect, 1st round pick.
  4. At least their rink is sold out every night and in a fantastic location
  5. because traditionally the term "Asian" has been correlated to Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. What is wrong with using the term "Pakistani" or "East Indian"? It has been well known that with these grooming gangs, the media is so scared to be called racist that they will use the term "Asian" instead of specifying the actual race of the perpetrators. If the criminals were Chinese, wouldn't it make sense to state "The crimes were committed by Chinese grooming gangs" ?
  6. The media specifically calls them "Asians" which is a very confusing term in this situation. These grooming gangs have been operating all across Europe, especially the UK and law enforcement is afraid to be labeled "Racist" These are children. It is completely unacceptable and embarrassing. Protecting these scum bags just enrages me.
  7. Agreed but a player with a history of concussion issues is more likely to be out of the league if he sustains another concussion as opposed to a player that hasn't.