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  1. Dare I say three-peat?
  2. Winnipeg isn't exactly Hawaii. Good deal for both sides.
  3. He was running a hockey camp in Saskatoon my son was enrolled in. Seems like a nice guy. Pay day for him!
  4. See what Kessel got. Sakic should have taken the prospect, Hamonic and 1st rounder from the Islanders
  5. This article really makes me sad. To think, we had the opportunity to watch these two amazing players grow, develop and lead this Canucks team. Brings tear to my eye. I wish we would have won in 2011... just breaks my heart.
  6. At a fraction of the cost!
  7. Was he that bad that Calgary didn't even qualify him as an RFA?
  8. No Risk. Leader. Bottom 6. Meh.Worth a shot.
  9. Do we have cap room and roster space for Jagr? Give all the kids another year in Utica. I am just dreaming of course.
  10. Exactly. Let's say he has a huge season. Puts up 30 goals. First round pick maybe? Look at what Hanzal got Arizona.
  11. Seems like a bargain!
  12. If only Louie was makimg this money and not 6 million.
  13. So close to the cap now. This is what happens when you have a team good enough to just make the playoffs for years (since they won the cup last) and draft mid round. Then again, their first round picks haven't done well. It's the gems in the later rounds that helped.
  14. Schneider 2.0. Playing forward though.