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  1. The best way to judge a trade... Would you trade Granlund back to Calgary for Shinkaruk?
  2. Remember Thornton made Cheechoo into a Rocket Richard Trophy winner and Setoguchi into a 30 goal scorer. Hansen could score 30 with Thornton feeding him all day.
  3. Wait until you see who WE drafted 2 picks before him and who Winnipeg drafted right before him.
  4. Low Risk, High Reward.
  5. Great job Burrows!
  6. We all know it's going to be Sbisa that is claimed.
  7. No I was merely stating that there might be some hard feelings between Vancouver and the Rangers because of losing in game 7 to them.
  8. See 1994 NHL Stanley Cup Final.
  9. Well... http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/equalization-panel-aims-fairness-for-alberta-1.3453666 Alberta has paid equalization payments for how long and haven't received any since 1963. So, yes technically I'm correct as Alberta was a have province for years. You are correct, individual tax payers have all contributed but regardless the equalization payments are going to Manitoba and east.
  10. Please google equalization payments in Canada. Saskatchewan and Alberta have paid a ton out to Quebec and Ontario and some of the maritime provinces.
  11. Why not both? (Just kidding, I know it would cost way too much and have major cap implications)
  12. Maybe Doughty solidifies that defence.
  13. You mean the Bill Masterton Trophy!?
  14. I would like to think that but Bettman loves Canadian Teams! (Sarcasm)
  15. Congrats Ovie!!