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  1. Smashville!
  2. Plan the parade.
  3. Looking at what Hamonic cost Calgary, this doesn't look so bad
  4. Would have loved another second rounder.
  5. I wanna know what the deal was or what it involved with Vegas
  6. That depth though...
  7. I don't understand the Penguins trade. "We don't need first round picks... we will three peat" Jesus Christ.
  8. Well judging by the analytics... Tippet has been underperforming if you add pie and subtract the difference between a light year and the speed of sound. However if you divide the circumference of the sun by the radius of the moon and add 90210 you end up with the power of the cosmos.
  9. Arizona is banking on it being a dud of a draft and not overly concerned about losing another top 10 pick.
  10. Such a bad trade in my opinion. I know it's a cap dump and all but you'd think PC would have been able to get more.
  11. Was definitely expecting Hamonic going the other way.