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  1. It starts before that. You can't pick the flower if the seed hasn't been planted. And you can't invoke Godwins law to justify war. Its insufferable to be so simple. I'm not saying you run around playing Chamberlain at all. It is a commonly acknowledged fact that the right thing to do usually isn't the easiest. I guess I hold out hope for the potential for mankind. To submit to war is weak. I have no quarrels with anyone that I feel need to be solved with violence. Both of my grandfathers fought in WW2 (France & Philippines) they both came home with the same viewpoint (that we had allowed the world to come to such a point) and passed it on to their families. I mean you still have people in my home country (USA) who think that evil doers hate their freedom and that's why we're at war now. They have no concept of historical American intervention in the middle east. And before you start to think you're having a familiar old discussion, we've done this before when I went by
  2. Our family is total anti war pacifist. But at the same time we realize that it is possible to to have respect for those who lost their lives without glorifying war. To argue against the concept of war is not to say that no good comes of it or that all those involved are complicit in every atrocity. In addition, many of the those involved on both sides were conscripts. No choice. War is the lazy way to expedite a political or financial agenda. It is always a failure of mankind when it comes to war. To allow ourselves to embrace our animalistic and instinctual tendency for aggression is unacceptable. We have the ability to find alternative solutions. WW1 & WW2 cannot be an eternal justification for armed conflict simply because "our side" "won". The loser every time in war is the common man. We are the ones who's lives are on the line. The financiers, the politicians, the generals, they risk nothing but their reputation. I will never allow my children to fight imperialistic wars on foreign soil. I would fight to the death to defend them on my doorstep, however. No army should be allowed to fight on foreign soil.