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  1. Clearly and they should wear masks and practice safe social distancing while on the ice when the NHL returns, its the only way we will ''flatten this curve.''
  2. Id take it for half the floaters riding the pine on this team.
  3. Has Ferland been cleared to play? If so he needs to be slotted in he's shown he can be a beast in the playoffs.
  4. Wonder with the loss in revenue due to the cancellation if this will affect the new projected cap.
  5. Thankfully, she'd be on the hook for a lot more if she wasn't contributing..
  6. I don't agree with either situation as you mentioned, either way Canada's tax payers are still paying.. What I do agree with is proper immigration which is being enforced here.. Canada already offers enough of a free ride to immigrate here, the least you can do is file paperwork knowing it hasn't been done. Especially being when you have a tax paying number for a small business. It's just a friendly reminder to just because you've been a resident somewhere long enough doesn't give you the entitlement to think you're a citizen, everything has an expiry date.
  7. Quit putting yourself on a pedestal, you sound like an imbecile..
  8. If you don't think Kesler and Juice would be entertaining to listen to you're wrongly mistaken they brought entertainment here for years just with their antics. You know they have stories to tell.. To each and their own but these two were best buds as long as they played in a Canuck uni and beyond.. I just listened give it a whirl.
  9. Dropping your occupation doesn't make your post anymore valid.
  10. Heard he went to an In and Out drive-thru, was bumping lines of cocaine on the dash of his car while drinking a shake and eating a cheeseburger, stole a lion from the Dallas Zoo, played some shinny at the rink at 3:00 AM blasted and zooted, passed out on his doorstep. This is from twitter ill source you guys in a few.