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  1. NBA Discussion

    The Cavs just got a bunch of pylons for the end of the season to let Lebron do whatever he wants, its clear that he always wants the ball and rightfully so.. But that ego of his certainly why IT and Kyrie we shipped without a doubt. I.T is Lonzo's back up that's how far off hes dropped.
  2. NBA Discussion

    In perspective In to Cleveland: Jordan Clarkson Larry Nance Jr Ante Zizic Nets 1st Heats 2nd - 2020 Out of Cleveland: Kyrie Irving Isaiah Thomas Channing Frye 1st round pick
  3. NBA Discussion Isaiah Thomas is a Los Angeles Laker Well, that escalated quickly. Turns out that Cleveland will be sending Isaiah Thomas and Channing Frye to the Lakers for Clarkson and Nance Jr. Thomas has been flat out awful on the court since returning from his hip injury, which has limited his ability to do what he does best and fearlessly attack the basket to create opportunities. Normally his elite scoring ability offsets the fact that he is an F-minus defender, but if he can’t knock down shots— Thomas is shooting 36 per cent from the floor and 25 per cent from deep— his value is extremely limited. And this trade is proof. To make matters worse, Thomas has been extremely vocal calling out his Cavs teammates and coaches when talking to the media, which likely plays a part in Cleveland deciding to move on from him after just 15 games. It’s hard to recall a player’s worth dropping as quickly as Thomas’ has. Cleveland will also send their own 1st round pick (…not the more-valuable Nets pick) to L.A. as part of the deal. Once again Cleveland now has a major hole at point guard— they will likely try to fill it using Clarkson (or a veteran acquired on the buyout market), but the former Laker is more of a combo guard. LeBron James’ presence as a facilitator obviously takes some pressure off a player like Clarkson having to conduct the Cavs’ offense. So, in essence the Cavs traded all-world point guard Kyrie Irving for Larry Nance Jr., Jordan Clarkson, and the Brooklyn pick. Wild.
  4. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    This thread will be 10 years old this year, how time flies.
  5. Boeser in All Star Voting What more would you like? the kid is getting noticed just not as a top 1,2,3 pick overall. Don't sweat the small sh*t, hes blowing expectations and let it be that way.
  6. Boeser in All Star Voting

    That's what I figured, He's already got a free ticket due to being a Young Star or whatever shenanigans they do. Tired of this fan base whining about the little things, boy do our fan's suck sometimes. Screw the all-star game I want playoff hockey back in Vancouver.
  7. Crown corps always win, no matter what.
  8. Alexander Burmistrov | #42 | C

    Benning is turning the Canucks into a restoration garage with all of these players that are getting second chances and providing.
  9. We need a #1 goalie...

    I remember when people were calling for Benning's head when he signed Miller. Patience is a virtue, these two are band-aids for the bigger picture.
  10. Canucks Army joins forces with TSN 1040

    Hate him or love him, Don Taylor was Vancouver radio.. He set a good standard and everyone else after hasn't met it. Personally haven't listened to Vancouver sports radio since 2015.
  11. [Waivers] Tuesday player movement

    Sure, without a doubt I just used that as a main example considering, not referring it to being the worst. His player relations and how he rushed certain prospects into the roster and disturbing the balance of that team which is made me wonder about him. Considering he was behind the bench for 17 seasons and really made nothing other than a cup contending team and a elite scorer with personal awards. Sure over time he put together a pretty solid roster.. But that's what happens when suck for 10 years without a draft lottery. That's to be expected. His asset management showed when he pick "x" amount of defenders and figured he could hold the market and over value those players in trades. Just my opinion though.
  12. [Waivers] Tuesday player movement

    I agree, I cringed when they hired George McPhee I know GM's make bad deals from time to time but Erat for Forsberg was atrocious.
  13. Radicalization and technological evolution has played a huge part in this day and age. Their is way more access to news and way more technology to access anything you want which you've stated. The population increase and cults are on the rise, but considering we as humans are the youth of that generation, their has been some seriously failed attempts to rectify these radical behaviors. Another problem when these things arise is people comparing generations and time frames, the people of today are the people of yesterday. I don't mean to touch this but Baby Boomers make this argument all the time on how their lives were glorious, free spirited and blame the generation of today. Which is just as ignorant and blind as the racial remarks regarding this. To be fair here the guy was a 64 year old caucasian male, who apparently "lost it". I wont blame anyone but the individual who opened fire.. But seriously when people are in distress or experiencing trauma your brain can be a heinous and horrendous place.