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  1. I guess twitter comments are a legitimate source for potential trade alerts.. The more you know.
  2. Win or lose this team has been exciting to watch, our games are never dull with success comes growing pains. I really like where this team is headed. Edit: I'm also thankful for our D core.. Last few years was so hard to watch my goodness.. With the naming of Bo as our captain the you can see the difference in culture in the locker room and the boys have a sense of urgency with the new faces. I just want to see a line of Rousell Motte and Ferland in the playoffs.. Already sounds like a headache for other teams.
  3. I also recall hearing about this, I remember reading this somewhere with a personal interview of his.
  4. They do everything quite well.. The Hughes hype def is taking affect. Think our fans are blinded because we don't even know what good defence looks like, considering last years D corp.
  5. This is what we should looking forward to, a new face to a country favourite segment. If Bieksa some how makes in to the media more it'll be a great day for all of hockey, his dry humour is incredible. A panel with him and Burke would be pretty great. Unfortunate ending on a special day.. Regardless of what you believe in Don captivated audiences in Canada for a long time, as time moves on so do peoples views. Nothing more nothing less. Times were I didnt like his views id just mute the TV other times id just let him blabber and move on, I appreciated his views on hockey though.
  6. Oh how the mighty have fallen, hey Doughty?

    1. Chickenspear
    2. Nuck1991


      doughty is a disgrace to canada. 

    3. Squamfan



      lol @debluvscanucks please allow it

  7. I'll quote the genius him self. "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting the same results." This is my frustration, will we see another scandal? Will we have more broken promises? Stay tuned in Canadian politics. It's really unfortunate also that they tell everyone to go and vote, your vote makes a difference when its the same pissing pot every 4 years.
  8. Its far less, on the same notion they're on route to an even larger downward spiral after having a sustainable economy for years, the fairness rides in that 54 plus billion that east continually get for equalization. Hind sight 50/50 sure Alberta should've looked at investing in other economies, but no one was complaining while oil was up and they were sustainable.I cant speak in regard to all Albertans but I feel they just want the support in fairness that Quebec and Ontario have been offered for the last 10-15 years.
  9. And every PM before him, not one person who was running had electoral reform in their parties platform.
  10. Within reason everything has up's and downs.. Western Canada has been supporting Eastern Canada long enough and still cant even garnish a right to even have their vote heard. When was the last time the east has put up for equalization payments? to use the last 4 years in perspective to the last 35 with how the west has supported is bogus. Questions to ask, Is this system fair to the west? Why hasn't electoral reform happened? The east shouldn't hold all the cards, parity and fairness should be in the fore front for this country, the pride for diversity can take a back seat.
  11. 32nd we cant forget about Seattle now.. Edit: I'm one too many years ahead..
  12. Roussel and Gaudette being depth is pretty unreal considering where were at this time last year.. I agree, could also help with some load management for some of those long road trips if this team is destined for the playoffs..
  13. Wonder what the plan will be with Roussel when he returns, He's to much of a presence to keep him benched.. But Schaller, Motte and Beagle have looked pretty damn good.
  14. I dream this team makes the playoffs with this core, just seeing these types of players in the playoffs shows their value. I truly believe even if we sneak in with the a wildcard spot with this core its built to make a push. Hard to forget Millers presence when he has played in the post season, combine that with Ferlands tenacity in the post season with Roussel just sounds like a difficult time for the opponent. I'm thinking to far ahead but its a pipe dream. We wont really see this core shine till it comes to playoff time.
  15. This is a continuing trend with the Islanders that has been happening for years. Put him on Dipietro, Strome, Dal Colle, Brett Lindros, Robert Nillsson and Griffin Reinhart island.