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  1. Hello there how's it going how's your summer been so far the weather hasn't been all that great.

  2. Hello there how u doin.:)

  3. there are lot's of people that i know, but then again, i'm a high school student, so, that is probably why...

  4. haha! why you're right! we DO both live in Richmond! yay.. I don't know anyone in Richmond who likes the canucks lol! Until now :P

  5. hey, you live in richmond too :P

  6. hehe, thats ok, i give

    "happy b-day"s to most people on CDC. i guess ur just one of the lucky ones :)

  7. aww thanks! you're a sweetie!

  8. Man oh Man! You just made me VERYYYY Jelouse... I know he is adorable in any shape or form... Man I love him so much, Its my dream to meet him...

  9. how's the birthday coming along? having fun being 23? :P

  10. lol don't worry about it!! thanks a lot for the b-day wishes! ur a sweet one haha!

  11. sry i read the date wrong...


    just ignore everything except for happy birthday

  12. welcome to cdc and the NHL and congrats on becoming a Canucks fan....

    and happy birthday