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  1. it's been exactly one year since i updated my status...yay me.

  2. you and shawn rocker should make a baby so that baby could have a record -1046 reps. unless of course you get there before you give birth

  3. where the party at??

  4. Tonight's game - O'Brien: 14 PIMS / Byers 29 Pims - O'brien loses at everything.

  5. What are you listening to?

    Open your eyes - Snow Patrol
  6. Yeah, I'm in love with her. <3

  7. her voice is absolutely amazing and she is gorgeous on top of that. i had no idea she came here in august! i would have loved to see that

  8. HOLY CRAP REALLY! Yeah she is awesome, saw her when she came here in August. Thought I'd never find another fan here!

  9. i love priscilla ahn!

  10. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Well then, there goes my feeble attempt at being funny.
  11. CDC Latenight Lounge

    I don't know, do you?
  12. CDC Latenight Lounge

    Hey, you said "brb in one minute"! It's been five!
  13. What are you listening to?

  14. What are you listening to?

  15. What are you listening to?

    The man is a genius.