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  1. it's been exactly one year since i updated my status...yay me.

  2. you and shawn rocker should make a baby so that baby could have a record -1046 reps. unless of course you get there before you give birth

  3. where the party at??

  4. Tonight's game - O'Brien: 14 PIMS / Byers 29 Pims - O'brien loses at everything.

  5. Open your eyes - Snow Patrol
  6. Yeah, I'm in love with her. <3

  7. her voice is absolutely amazing and she is gorgeous on top of that. i had no idea she came here in august! i would have loved to see that

  8. HOLY CRAP REALLY! Yeah she is awesome, saw her when she came here in August. Thought I'd never find another fan here!

  9. i love priscilla ahn!

  10. Well then, there goes my feeble attempt at being funny.
  11. I don't know, do you?
  12. Hey, you said "brb in one minute"! It's been five!
  13. The man is a genius.