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  1. Need 4 more managers to complete 10 team league. Live Draft Wed Sept 29th 8:30 PM EST 4th Year running. Deep rosters and bench. Large stat categories. Active & Competitive managers only! League info: League ID#: 3620 League Name: Warlords Fantasy Hockey™ Password: WAR ____________________________ Custom League URL: Draft Type: Live Standard Draft Draft Time: Wed Sep 29 8:30pm EDT [ Add to My Calendar ] Max Teams: 10 Scoring Type: Head-to-Head Max Moves: No maximum Max Trades: No maximum Trade Reject Time: 2 Trade End Date: March 10, 2011 Waiver Time: No waivers Waiver Type: Continual rolling list Can't Cut List Provider: None Trade Review: League Votes Post Draft Players: Free Agents Max Acquisitions per Week: No maximum Min Games Played: 3 Weekly Deadline: Daily - Tomorrow Start Scoring on: Week 1 Playoffs: Week 23, 24 and 25 (6 teams) Note: Week 25 runs 7 days from Apr 4 to Apr 10 Divisions: No Roster Positions: C, LW, RW, W, W, F, F, D, D, D, D, Util, Util, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR, IR, IR Forwards/Defensemen Stat Categories: Goals (G), Assists (A), Points (P), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Goals (PPG), Powerplay Points (PPP), Shorthanded Goals (SHG), Shorthanded Points (SHP), Game-Winning Goals (GWG), Shots on Goal (SOG), Shooting Percentage (SH%), Faceoffs Won (FW), Hits (HIT) Goaltenders Stat Categories: Wins (W), Goals Against (GA), Goals Against Average (GAA), Shots Against (SA), Saves (SV), Save Percentage (SV%), Shutouts (SHO)
  2. CORRECT!!! its Rick Heinz
  3. CORRECT!!! its Rick Heinz
  4. no, its not Maniago. Cesare never wore those awesome Flying V jerseys.
  5. Lets see who knows their stuff,Here is a very hard number visible,so you will have to go by the goalies unique "alien" mask alone. Who is this Canucks goalie?? This IS a Canucks board so some of you oldtimers should be able to guess this guy.
  6. #3...NJ is Lindsay Middlebrook.
  7. is this the guy the Flyers signed a few months ago???
  8. Jon Casey is the Stars goalie
  9. SkeletonWitch Annihilator Fueled By Fire Sathanas OLD SCHOOL THRASH METAL!!!!!!!!!
  10. Thats a Cape Breton Jersey. my guess, & judging from the Miller pads the early to mid 80s goalie is either.... Warren Skorodenski Mike Greenlay Dave Roach
  11. Andre "Red Light" Racicot
  12. whoever it is, he has a big @ss five hole!
  13. looks like Tim Cheveldae. he had those style racing checkered flags on his mask.
  14. no cheating. go back and read what I wrote. I know my goalies. Jablonski was easy because of the way he wore his cage chin padding ala Billy Smith. you do know who Billy Smith was?? right?
  15. no its not Vincent... its Pat Jablonski. I guessed that one correctly 2 pages ago.