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  1. There was some thunder about 20 minutes ago. It was super loud.
  2. Continued... Luongo Family Luongo with daughter Gabriella, wife Gina & mom Pasqualina
  3. Roberto Luongo - Paralymic Torch Bearer Luongo & Gordon Campbell Luongo & his daughter Gabriella Luongo & Gabriella
  4. Love it! The only thing is the Blues game is on the 27th not the 28th
  5. Thanks! lovekesler made is last year I think!

  6. Well that sucked. I don't understand how they forecast 15-20cm (for here in Burnaby) and we got 1cm! That's just crazy.
  7. SNOW!!! YAY.
  8. I love your sig :)

  9. Hopefully we get quite a bit over the weekend and into the beginning of the week. Looks like we won't have a white Christmas though. The last 2 years here in Burnaby we've had one!
  10. From 12.08.09 Darcy Hordichuk; Kevin Bieksa Alex Burrows Shane O'Brien Darcy Hordichuk; Roberto Luongo Roberto Luongo
  11. From 12.06.09 Willie Mitchell; Mason Raymond; Alex Burrows Alex Burrows Henrik Sedin; Daniel Sedin; Alex Edler Ryan Johnson; Willie Mitchell Willie Mitchell; Mikael Samuelsson; Ryan Kesler; Ryan Johnson; Steve Bernier From 12.07.09 Willie Mitchell Alex Burrows; Ryan Kesler Kevin Bieksa Shane O'Brien; Ryan Kesler Daniel Sedin; Alex Edler Christian Ehrhoff John Shorthouse; Sami Salo
  12. Too lazy to post all the Behind the Lens pictures, so I'll just post some of my favourites From 12.02.09 Mikael Samuelsson; Sedin Mason Raymond; Steve Bernier; Ryan Kesler; Sedin; Mikael Samuelsson; Alex Burrows; Roberto Luongo; Jannik Hansen; Andrew Raycroft; Kyle Wellwood; Darcy Hordichuk; Shane O'Brien; Rick Rypien Darcy Hordichuk; Tanner Glass Sedin; Mikael Samuelsson; Shane O'Brien; Rick Rypien; Ryan Kesler From 12.02.09 - Game Day Willie Mitchell Mason Raymond From 12.04.09 Ryan Kesler; Alex Burrows Darcy Hordichuk; Shane O'Brien; Roberto Luongo
  13. tru-blv - Thanks for posting those pictures. Haven't seen them before!
  14. Random Pictures :D Kevin Bieksa Shane O'Brien and Aaron Rome Shane O'Brien
  15. Practice | November 18, 2009 Kevin Bieksa Tanner Glass Jannik Hansen Roberto Luongo Rick Rypien Mathieu Schneider, Christian Ehrhoff, Mason Raymond, Ryan Kesler and Roberto Luongo