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  1. Perfect, thanks.
  2. What's the quickest way to find out my friend code, I don't think I've ever used it and I'd love to add some of you.
  3. Probably the starters. And the Japanese Altaria I then used on my team just for a flyer ended up being my highest level pokemon by the end of the game.
  4. I've never actually found a shiny in all the years I've played (every generation). It's getting frustrating at this point.
  5. Trying out consecutive fishing. Hoping for a Seadra or Clawitzer but will probably get a Relicanth if anything.
  6. Sinus surgery tomorrow morning!

  7. The Elite Four was the easiest ever. Their levels could have been 25 higher to make it a real challenge.
  8. Best pokemon I've got through the mystery trade (is that what it's actually called?) is a lv 50 Altaria, which I believe you can catch in the wild later in the game. The most interesting thing so far for me is that my pokemon team is at levels 25-28 and I just only beat the second gym, and I'm not over-leveled at all.
  9. I'm in love with this game. The battle animations, how caves look, and freakin mystery trades!
  10. This game has the potential to take me a while. I've been playing since this morning and I just left that big city.
  11. I'm still getting Greninja haha. Just an hour until I leave to go pick it up!
  12. I'm going with Froakie. Haven't decided on my Kanto starter yet.
  13. Can't wait til Saturday!
  14. I can't believe it took me until today to figure out there are user celebrations after fights.
  15. I have X pre-ordered, can't wait!