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  1. LOL best comment ever. <3

  2. sadly havent been able to find that either, so im prolly just gunna make one

  3. haha np =).. and im guessing a lot of ppl r being batman this year, i can't find a costume though, the ones i find are all for guys :P

  4. haha alright... i'll give it a shot when i have a chance =)

  5. i know people that went there, younger than you though. you should!

  6. yeah richmond across hugh boyd... and no... not once =P

  7. thanks for the birthday wishes. hockey, beer, tim hortons.. marry me?

  8. thanks. you from richmond? ever watch the sockeyes?

  9. where is this slovakian article you were translating

  10. few months late, but thanks brotha

  11. Rookie Hazing - FEB.25.08

    Playing junior in Alberta I have to assume this years rookie hazing was a hell of a lot easier haha.
  12. happy birthday