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  1. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Leaving now for the game.... SOUTHSIDERSSSSSSSSS
  2. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    Atta Boy Kev, That was a hell of a game tonight. My sister was at the game tonight and said she saw 2 signs from other girls that had mad love for boom boom
  3. I'm 13 years old ???? clearly if you had a clue in the world you would have clearly read that infact im not 13 that im 24. so thats strike one. strike two is the fact that your a Bloody Vagina Fart. get lost

  4. Patrick McNally Talk

    hmm, i guess after reading an article like that its hard not to think that MG has hit another home run
  5. you give me a minus bud for what making a Proposal can u leave we do not need 13 yearold trollers here

  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    lol at this thread. has clutch replied even once ( definitly not going to sift through 22 pages )
  7. wow man your a complete idiot