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  1. I blame the liberals.
  2. Telus is CRAP. I hate all that is telus. Booooo telus!
  3. Wow, that's dumb. Why would they even consider such stupid machines? Ya, time to get a refund on those jokes of a machine and get some new ones. Who makes these decisions anyways?
  4. lol what?
  5. Isn't that good? Isn't higher ridership going to equal more income from the line? And, I have made no effort to look, but do you know what the figures they were projecting for ridership?
  6. I thought they were getting rid of zones and making everything based on distance traveled?
  7. We are already seeing hybrids all over the place. Full electric or hydrogen cars are not that far off. I think more like 5-10 years before we start to see fully transitioned vehicles from oil based to, well OTHER. There are plenty of ideas out there that are being pursued by motor vehicle companies. I have a feeling, for a little while anyways, we will have several options to choose from in terms of alternate fuel cars and trucks.
  8. Speaking of which. Is the Translink system different than other transportation systems across the world? Are they not using the money as efficiently as they could be? Or is it SIMPLY a matter of not enough money? I'd like to know if we are getting the best bang for our buck, or is there a problem with massive overhead costs and inefficiencies all over the place. It's fine that they need more money, I mean it sucks that they do, but its ok so long as its a real need and not over inflated with bogus claims and over paid management/staff.
  9. If it turns into a problem can they not just add another run in there?
  10. I don't mind how it looks or the signage really. The only part that I find incredibly annoying is the words 'way out'. That has got to be the stupidest word usage.
  11. lol Sure, why not? I enjoy being judged. Tis only human
  12. lol ya, I must be. My car will incur wear and tear regardless, because I will drive it again some other place, it may not be that day, but it will be again some point soon. If it gets an extra 100 k on sunday instead of monday, I am not to worried about it. Your right, I am more likely to get into an accident in a car than a bus, but I COULD get into an accident in either. As for me being the reason we are all breathing the same air? lol ya, you got it, me driving to van every other weekend is what is causing van to be so polluted. You got me figured out lol
  13. I pretty much park downtown somewhere if I am shopping and walk everywhere. If I am going to metro, parking is free. If I am going to the beach, parking is either free or $5. The wear and tear on my car will happen regardless. And the stress and health really make no difference. I can get into an accident on a bus just as well, and I am pretty much breathing the same air. So, ya, its worth it. Certainly worth it if I am not going alone, which is more often than not.
  14. Yup. It would cost me 5-6 bucks for parking, and no more than $5-$10 in gas. Even if it cost me the same as transit, Im not sure I would take it. Not to mention, if you have another person with you, you are looking at $42 for the day. There is NO WAY that is worth the cost.
  15. I never said I liked the cost of any of the transit in van. In fact I think its all over priced. I live in Mission and if I decided to take the sky train and public transit for the day, it would easily cost me double what I would pay if I just drove. That is NO incentive for me to take transit. BUT the Canada line is going to be used a lot and will be very useful none the less. If people don't like it, or think its to expensive, they can always drive. I would absolutely park my car in slurrey or burnaby and take the sky train if it would be cheaper for me to do so (coming from Mission, or Maple Ridge or anywhere after the skytrain no longer goes). Its like the new golden ears bridge. Great bridge, im sure it will get plenty of use. But the cost is crazy to drive across. Its not likely I will ever take it. I do however have a transponder, JUST in case I do