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  1. elite goalies need to make that big save especially in a game like this
  2. this is what i mean about luongo he just is not right for team canada
  3. someone buy torts some halls he needs to yell more at this team that was horrible.
  4. you think he will be better then cody hodgson
  5. how many turn overs does edler have tonight?
  6. its not that, luongo can't keep the door shut for 60 minutes he lets in one or two weak goals a game. Canada doesn't need that
  7. could of used one of our young prospects in our line up i mean jermey welsh and zac dalphe have been invisible... I miss you archibald!
  8. ok if i get over the cody hodgson trade. What about the cory schiender trade? or the grabner trade?
  9. blame mike gillis for this i bet cody hodgson could of scored, Zack Kassian develops in three years when the sedins and the teams window is shut well great move there gillis. O yeah who could forget trading away your goaltender for a draft pick haha
  10. there is no way luongo will be the starter for team Canada the guy has been below average..
  11. trade alex edler already tell him to waive his freaking no trade this guy has been useless for sometime now.. he needs a new start and we need some new talent
  12. lol canucks are getting upset you can see it with the players... they are losing focus and they are becoming lost out there
  13. luongo is doing what on that goal? swimming
  14. if they do win they better win in a convincing fashion like 4-1 5-1 something like that