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  1. a better quote would be "I can rest my balls on your forehead",
  2. Should I trade Malkin+J.Thornton for L.Eriksson+Sharp? Scoring:Goal=1pointAssist=1 point Sad how much they've struggled for me but will they get hot again,sould I do it?
  3. hmmm.......Heatley on a high powered Sharks team playing alongside Thornton or Kovy who's in a contract year. The tie breaker in my books would be that Atlanta has played 5 less games then the go with Kovy.
  4. Lidstrom+Kariya are killing me so far in my Office Pool. I'm stuck with them all season because there are no trades aloud I was counting on Lidstrom getting at least 60 points and Kariya 75 if healthy so my question it just a slow start for them or do you expect them to turn things around and possibly hit the total amount of points I was hoping for?
  5. Well said Mozy......all the Forsberg haters are just being ignorant.....good thing Gillis has the same mindset as you and I when it comes to him!
  6. Actually he posted great numbers just a year and a half ago(late april'08) when he was 35,he's now 36. Why wouldn't you want to take a gamble? We'd get him for nothing and to get someone that's near the level of a healthy or even 50% Forsberg, we'd have to give up alot of young talent via draft picks and or prospects at the trade deadline. Yes to Forsberg, no question!
  7. Does anyone know where to find some info on who will be the #1 unit Power Play guys for each team?