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  1. Question: Why isn't Cung Le in the UFC?
  2. Are you serious?
  3. Mayweather JR: "MMA is for beer drinkers"
  4. Rat Race is freaking hilarious. Great cast.
  5. Almost 3:30, I'm tired and yet I don't want to fall asleep. I'd rather stay up and listen to music.
  6. Just got a text from a buddy saying Dana White confirmed UFC in Vancouver for 2010.
  7. So, I was watching MMA Connected on Sportsnet today and they had Tito Ortiz on it. He mentioned on it how he wants to fight Fedor. Catch weight at 210. He'd get destroyed, but it'd be entertaining watching him get his face smashed in.
  8. I don't get why people are calling that last hit by Hendo cheap. The ref didn't come in to stop it. And plus that first punch could've just dazed him and he could've gotten up.
  9. Because no one has been able to stand up with him and trade blows. I don't know why but I think someone like Arlovski would be a really good match up against Brock. But he doesn't have a strong chin.
  10. If Gonzaga had such an easy time taking down Carwin, Lesnar will have a field day with him.
  11. Lol it was, "I'll have a coors light, because bud light doesn't pay me crap" I thought Mir had turned it around in the 2nd round. He came out flying, stopped a couple of take downs. When he went for that flying knee, you could tell that was his adrenaline that took over. They'll have a round 3. Don't see anyone in that division beating Mir or Brock right now.
  12. I say Mir with a submission towards the end of the first or beginning of the second.
  13. Dude, is Vegas your second home? Lol. Have a great time . I saw that video earlier today. Rampage is the man!
  14. Stealing tomorrow - great lake swimmers
  15. kings Of Leon - Be Somebody