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  1. Yeah I do. Nice to see another guy from PG on CDC

  2. Yeah, I do. I take it you do as well?

  3. Hey, do you live in Prince George?

  4. I was in Fort Nelson and there was about two inches of snow there last wednesday. Good times.
  5. Had a little -30 up in PG, I have to admit the lower mainland got dumped on this year. Probably more than some areas of the north.
  6. So is this where you come when youre drunk and on CDC?
  7. Anybody live in the North here? I wish we got the type of snow you guys get. But our minus 20 to 35 weather is just the icing on the cake.
  8. I wish just for 2 days in the Lower mainland it would hit -40, just so you know what it feels like and so for half the people who dont know what blockheaters are would be screwed.
  9. I happen to be an expert in making those.
  10. Haha, Yeah they have now abandoned the horses. It generally just sucks now.
  11. one word.....Dam, also transit system here sucks.
  12. And you want to try to go to CNC?
  13. That sucks, not even close to being that bad here.