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  1. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    lol relevant
  2. UBC Arts or SFU Business

    I won't suade you as I think whatever school anyone recommends on here will have some sort of bias depending on their own personal university experience, which may or may not end up being your experience. But what I will say is that your university experience, career, and life won't be defined by one decision you make as an 17/18 year old. You'll constantly have to face challenges and push yourself in order to achieve what you want (assuming you actually do end up wanting to be in IB), regardless of where you go for school or what specific program you do. Finance at Sauder will have the most opportunities for you to get into IB but that doesn't mean it's automatic at all if you do get in, competition is high int he field no matter where you go and at the end of the day you'll need to put in the work to achieve what you want (I know Investment Bankers from both Beedie and UBC Econ, and at the same time i know retail bankers from Sauder Finance). Same goes for the social aspect of university, you'll find it if you search for it and put yourself out there. Long story short, although a bit cliche, my advice is to pick a path you think you will be happy with and not regret, and then work your tail off to get what you want. If plans change and life happens, at least you can be happy with your decisions and not live life thinking "what if". And if you have strong grades, show a genuine interest in the field through extra curricular learning/activities (ie finance club, student conferences, MDA training), good volunteer/work experience, and a willingness to put yourself out there to network, I would be open to interviewing you for an IB position regardless of whether you have a business degree or econ degree.

    You realize BBRY (RIM) carries NO debt on their balance sheet. They also carry $7bn in current assets and $1.5bn in cash. What in god's name makes you think they would EVER file for bankruptcy?
  4. Jordan Schroeder Talk

    Funny how Holden's rank dropped in the old NHL despite being exactly 6 feet, thats 4 inches taller than Schroeder now
  5. RodinHodgson, its pretty obvious he ISNT looking for any +1 but rather the opposite...seems pretty clear to me, and he's doing a hell of a job