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  1. Any word on which teams are on the list?
  2. I would absolutely start the conversation with Ottawa about Lazar. We have some assets to use in the swap, and Lazar is a very talented player. He is a gritty, goal scoring center who's value is at the lowest it will be. I have no idea what the price would be, but it is certainly worth a conversation.
  3. I would bet that Lazar turns it around with a change of scenery. He is an excellent player with a dogged work ethic. I would be stoked if we could turn one of our expiring contracts in to Lazar, but I am not taking in to consideration his eligibility in my thoughts process. I just like the player.
  4. Complainer moment: I hate reading posts that have pet names for the player in it. It is especially bad when they are your own personal pet names rather than a commonly accepted one, like "Hank and Dank" for example. I have silly names that I refer to them with at home in the comforts of my living room around people that would likely be familiar with most of those silly names after a couple games or so, but I wouldn't use them in a public forum cause that's kinda weird. Now, I totally understand if you do that, and would continue to do that regardless of my opinion on the matter. That's all good. I just felt it had to be said.
  5. Yeah, that's a cap dump if I've ever seen one.
  6. 4-3 Canucks in OT Tryamkin gets a Gordie Howe hat trick.
  7. [GDT] Canucks vs Hawks, 4:30 pm, SNP

    Line up announcement yet?
  8. 65 points! Magic number thread

    Yeah, I don't think any of the "semi-science" they were using helped.
  9. FTR, Apology To Twins

    What did I just read? Maybe this should be moved to the "Drunk Posts" subforum.
  10. [GDT] Canucks vs Hawks, 4:30 pm, SNP

    4-3 Canucks in OT Tramkin with the Gordie Howe Hat Trick!! This will continue to be my prediction until it comes true.
  11. [Waivers] Red Wings F Drew Miller

    I don't see why they would claim him. It's not like he is a goal scorer in need of a change of scenery. I can see JB taking a flyer on someone that might put pucks in the net, but Drew Miller is not that.
  12. This anthem singer takes some serious liberties with the rhythm and timing of the anthems, but man is she a good singer. The rhythm of the two songs were weird, but I think that is just her style. Early in the pocket, but hits it when she has to.
  13. I think there are several posters on here that watch most Utica games. There is usually a good breakdown for each game in the Utica thread.
  14. Is your opinion held to the same standard?