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  1. This anthem singer takes some serious liberties with the rhythm and timing of the anthems, but man is she a good singer. The rhythm of the two songs were weird, but I think that is just her style. Early in the pocket, but hits it when she has to.
  2. I think there are several posters on here that watch most Utica games. There is usually a good breakdown for each game in the Utica thread.
  3. Is your opinion held to the same standard?
  4. Yeah, hopefully we can keep him for that type of salary on a long term deal. I like his grit, and I think he is great to have in the room. He has some Bieksa-eske qualities. On a side note, could someone get Don Cherry to try to say Bieksa-eske?
  5. I've been out for so long I can barely remember my last dance with Mary Jane.
  6. No it doesn't. Stop bugging me, I'm watching that 90's Shazam movie with Sinbad.
  7. Just read it. Well, if it isn't true, then there is no reason to suspect he wouldn't sign for market value.
  8. Are you saying that report about him turning down an offer was retracted?
  9. It is unlikely that hockey trades will happen until after that. Gudbranson or Sbisa are more likely to move at the deadline if someone is willing to overpay, because the only Tanev goes is if someone wants to over pay, and no playoff team would want to overpay for our most expensive asset. That would likely cost them pieces they want for their run. Gudbranson isn't exactly likely to go, but he is heading in to restricted free agency, and turned down BIG money from Florida last year, so if Benning thinks he will be too expensive to resign, and doesn't want to go to arbitration just to lose him the year after, he may move him at the deadline.
  10. I forget which old time goalie used to skate to the other goal to try tipping the puck with his huge stick. That was before they made the rule that goalies can't cross center. I tried googling, but to no avail.
  11. A Tanev trade likely wouldn't happen until after the expansion draft when teams don't have to worry about protecting vets.
  12. Yeah, a great third liner who gets a chance to play on the top line would likely have more than 3 or 4 points in 30 games. But hey... he can battle
  13. February's schedule is going to be very challenging to come out at .500