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  1. Roster for Opening Night vs. Calgary ->

    To start at least, Sedin Sedin Sutter <----------It looked good. I think Sutter needs a confidence boost. Baertchi Horvat Vrbata <-----Vrbata needs to be in the top 6, and Horvat is still our 2nd best center Burrows McCann Virtanen <-Burrows can teach these guys their own end, and they would be dangerous Prust Vey Hansen <-----------Gritty, and they kill penalties Dorsett I don't know about the D, but whatever they do, I like our D. In fact I love the D.
  2. That's too bad. I'm itching to see him play. Should be a good game. 3-2 Canucks Vey(PP) Daniel Kassian Hall, Draisiatl (First NHL goal - always happens against us) Bieksa fights Hendricks after he tries to run Hamhuis
  3. Any word on whether Horvat is playing tonight?
  4. Yeah, it's a good thing Malhotra got injured before anyone found out that he was ONLY a good bottom 6 center. Guy was never going to be a 2nd line center, so he's really not worth much.
  5. I really liked Jensen and Kassian together with Kesler last season. Kass and Jensen seemed to have good chemistry.
  6. [Signing] Linden Vey accepts qualifying offer

    Garrison cleared salary to sign Miller, so that's a bit of an unfair comparison. You can't looks at a Van Gogh up close and criticize the brush strokes.
  7. [Signing] Sharks sign John Scott

    I'd take Rypien back before any of those guys. Man I miss Rypien. I never understood why they let him walk.
  8. Bo Horvat Talk

    Nathan MacKinnon played a bunch of wing last year.
  9. [Signing] Canucks Re-Sign D Chris Tanev

    I wonder if it's a sign and trade scenario.
  10. I think that no team who isn't an obvious playoff team will be putting their 2015 1st rounder on the table before the season begins. To do that and lose the best prospect since Sid when the season's over is too big a risk for teams in the bottom half of the league. Could the package start with Edler? I guess they would want offense more though.
  11. Yeah, if he could be signed to a 1 year contract with a promise to deal him to a contender at the trade deadline should we be out of a playoff spot it might be enticing. It's easier to know who the real contenders are at the trade deadline than it is on July 1st.
  12. [Trade] VAN acquires Linden Vey

    His stats and projection is miles better than Dalpe's. The reason we were able to acquire him is a bit similar, but the players are not.
  13. [Trade] VAN acquires Linden Vey

    Right on. Good post man. I totally agree, although I'm a little too lazy to put it in to that many words.
  14. [GDT] DAY 2 Rounds 2-7

    I wanted Edgars Kulda... looks like we'll have to sign him as a free agent now!
  15. They didn't get raped at all. 4.5 per is expensive, but they aren't spending to the cap anyway. The term is the key. It is a stop gap signing. It takes pressure off their younger D men, but doesn't keep them from trading him or letting him walk in a couple years when their D prospects make the jump. I don't think that's a bad signing at all.