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  1. Where would Kassian have fit in this rebuild?

    hes been great in edmonton.. watched the game on sportsnet.. he was very physical and had great control of the puck..
  2. Emerson Etem Could Turn Out To Be Huge

    etem is a good pickup for sure... he got great speed and decent skills..
  3. The Pro Tank Thread

    half of me want to tank and the other side dont... even if we trade our UFA players, doubt we will get much in return, maybe 2nd rounders at best..   im sick and tired of finishing in the middle of the pack and pick low 1st rounder..  they need a franchise player.  when the sedins are gone, this team will be going no where probably for 5+ years if they dont get a decent high pick..
  4. [Report] Ryan Nugent-Hopkins out 6-8 weeks

    should have traded him earlier..  hes a great player but get injured way too often..
  5. seems like canucks dont like size... they like small guys on the team for some reason.. imagine tinordi and pedan as a pair..
  6. All these stupid penalties by Canada 
  7. The Curious case of scratching Andrey Pedan.

    vancouver coaches always seem like a special bottom dmen that shouldnt be playing..
  8. No Home Matinee Games?

    I'm surprise too, lots of parents want to bring their kids to games but it's way too late on most nights.  I guess they don't want to go up against the NFL
  9. Time to waive Higgins, hear me out first

    hope he and burrows are gone by the trading deadline..  burrows gone because nhl and refs will always have something against him and the canucks..
  10. until burrows is gone, canucks will be the most hated team in the nhl.. and wont get calls from the refs.
  11. Report: Canucks TV Ratings are down 27%

    Same here, don't think I actually sit and watch a full game this season on tv..  Me and my buddies are STH, no one even wanna go to the game even if we give buddies for free lol
  12.   what did vancouver do to them.. lol
  13. [Temp GDT] Canucks vs Rangers

    That head shot on burrows was for the revenge.  I believe last season burrows injured mcdonagh on  a questionable hit
  14.   there are also lots of articles on this on google if u search.  Many research and pool were done and it's similar result .   im not saying if it's true or not, just saying what is see on the web