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  1. A total of 19 games are guaranteed to be played at Rogers Arena The 19 game packages in Vancouver will start at $650 and include 4 round robin Team Canada games, 6 medal games including the Bronze and Gold Medal games. Full pricing will be available in June.
  2. wont get any season ticket holders after this... probably losing alot...
  3. Toronto not in the lottery, so no media cares lol
  4. U can always change the name bar, someone gonna wear #17. I changed my Kesler jersey to vrbata
  5. Sucks for the ppl that bought his jersey
  6. Still lots of tickets left up to game time on Ticketmaster for those games. While Edmonton got nothing.
  7. probably too dangerous to give out glass though.. u know some idiots might throw them on the ice...
  8. I got like 4 of those already, come with a pack of 24cans Budweiser for $40 at liquor store
  9. Usually no one cares about last game. Especially when they are out of the playoff. Talked to the scalpers, most are Oilers fans. Expect around 30-40% Oilers fans in attendance lol
  10. oilers games are usually ok to sell but not this much.. main thing is oilers are in the playoff and mcdavid chasing 100 pts... and last game of the season.. cant get bigger than this.. ppl are jumping on the oilers bandwagon now too..
  11. most are bought by oilers fans... i sold my four UB4 tickets a couple of days ago for $170 ea... crazy... demands there for 4 seats.. might be the only game that actually sold out (no empty seats).. even opener, leafs, habs and pens got loads of empty seats..