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  1. Whitecaps choking at the end of the season
  2. I’m sure they will let u pickup at a later date at the team store
  3. was at the whitecaps game tonight and it was good crowd... lots of kids having fun... canucks need to learn from this... lower the damn tickets prices especially for families and fans will come to game.. pretty much every kid today at the whitecaps game had food on their hand (u know kids will want to eat at the game and parents will buy).. u make your money back right there easy... whoever do the pricing and marketing for canucks need to give their head a shake..
  4. Prices dropping like crazy on Stubhub. A lot of sat games starting at $25us. I just sold bunch of games on there for $25-40. Not gonna bother with Craigslist and ticketexchange rarely sells
  5. Toronto got 3x the population.. and for Edmonton, there is nothing else to do there other than big shopping mall and hockey.. lol
  6. Whoever doing marketing should be fired lol i mean u know tickets can’t sell, why keep jacking up prices on ticketmaster. and make no effort to lower for families... so u get all these empty seats. If ownership didn’t want to do that, then blame the ownership
  7. It’s scarf, not towel
  8. I’m sure Canucks blocked them off to avoid everyone switching to UB4 at relocation. And for a bunch of games, you can see some tickets on ticketexchange tickets are lower than what we UB4 can listed them for..
  9. We have well below average team but still one of the top ticket prices in the league, u do the math . Bring back cheap family nights, $100 for 4 tickets. Now like right now when it’s $50-70 a ticket most nights
  10. And bad drafting really hurts too.. imagine Matthew tkachuk and William Nylander on the team now..
  11. Lower ticket prices and people will come. U looking at $50 each ticket after fees for nosebleed, $130 for lower bowl. And that’s for teams no one interested in watching..
  12. Canucks always have some tickets deals around Christmas to STH. If the Canucks are smart, they would give STH half price to all additional games for this season..