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  1. is it to all concerts?? i always pick events ... maybe i should pick that next season..
  2. Canucks will be bottom 3 team again it looks like
  3. Only the Richmond champs is on sale. Other stores are $80 or so
  4. Champs selling Henrik or Daniel sedin Reebok Canucks jersey for $50 yes ive been to the press conference before... its short... just watch the coach interview in a room after the game..
  5. Nice, I got jersey off the back 2 years ago. I got penalty box pregame this yr
  6. true.. other than toronto, other big games were cheap... montreal and pitts were going for under STH prices.. i bought a bunch of club seats last yr for around $60-80US each
  7. Didn't pickup any tickets this year. Usually I'm pretty fast to get what I want. Probably get tickets cheaper to game day on Stubhub. I pickup lots of tickets last season for half the price of STH prices there
  8. That's the whole regular season lineup lol
  9. Switched the flames preseason to oilers preseason.. paid $8 more each ticket..
  10. There will be limited food offerings also available for purchase on the concourse, located at section 113.
  11. Last season was a week or so before regular season starts. Still cant list tickets on ticketexchange yet. I see tickets already available on there yet
  12. im shock to see Canucks only have 1 sunday home game for the whole regular season..
  13. open to public? i remember last year there was a few open practices
  14. just got email.. pickup starting tmr..
  15. kinda weird they just go on sale to public without giving STH presale (but not like ppl going to buy).. or let STH do ticket exchanges..