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  1. (Article)NHL goalie rankings: Is Luongo still elite?

    the only goalies which I feel are better than lu are Lundqvist, Rask, Rinne, Bobrovsly and Quick, i'd pick him over any of the tier '2' guys (except Rask), putting him with those other guys is an insult to him; he'll be back and he'll silence all his critics
  2. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    This is the End 1 000 000 / 10
  3. Cricket

    yeah good on canada, really give us a scare! and thne our compeltey terrible showing at new zealand Akmal cost us that match by key drops esspecialy ross taylor, whom got dropped on 0 and 4 and then he went to score like 128 and a good number of those runs came in the last 5 overs or so and so balling wasnt good either, and then batting was horrid too, i mean Umar Gul was one of our better batsman, and this Pakistan team has 8 very capable batsman supposedly (Gul not included in this 8) so i would maybe experiment a bit with zimbabwe, cause so far, (each out of 10) Keeping has been a 2, terrible mistakes against Sri Lanka and Canada, and times those by 10 against New Zealand Openers has been a 2 as well, these 2 guys were supposed to be in form, Hafeez and Shehzhad were supposed to be key guys, at least Hafeez has been bowling alright, and me thinks Shehzhads field has been saving him tho he did squat against new zealand, so maybe get him out of there Fast bowling, probably a 6, a lot of it is keeping faults too, i mean if shoaib had gotten ross taylor early he woulda bowled differently, there could be alot of improvement, but it also could be alot worse, Once gul gets to his optimal form and Shoaib can keep snagging wickets and all razzaq has to do is keep a good economy, we can be very successful Spinning, been an 8, Afridi really been bowling well, rehman is just too safe, doesnt really scare batsmen, its ok for hafeez to do that, but when youre brought in as a specialist spinnerm you got to do more, id rather see Ajmal at least he can attack Middle order batting probbaly 6 or 7, and 5 of those points go to Misbah himself, need more contributions from other guys, Umar Akmal has been streaky, and Younis khan was good for like a game... we need more outta these guys, cant depend on misbah every game so forzimbabwe, id like to see a new lineup, basically just so i can know we have other options (give shoaib a rest) Hafeez/Shehzhad (probbaly hafeez just cause he can also be a bowling option) Asad Shafiq (guy deserves a shot, technically sound batsman, ithink he is a very solid option for opening, give him a shot!) Abdul Razzaq (this guy is just being wasted at 8) Misbah (why change the only batsman thats been good on the team consistently!) Younis Khan (hopefully the younis-misbah combo can be the foundation once more) Umar Akmal (give him the gloves, we need to see if we have other options for keeping just in case) Shahid Afridi (this guy is way overdue for a world cup score, he has to keep bowling the way he is right now) Umar Gul Wahab Riaz Saeed Ajmal thats 10, so i guess give hafeez and shehzhad both a shot again maybe one of them a little lower, i want to see razzaq at one down, and kami aint good enough to be on the team as just a batsman, im willing to give him another chance, he has let his team and country down big time, i expect a big game from him as 'sorry' in his next gmae with the gloves, but it shouldnt be against zimbabwe we gotta warm up some other guys just incase
  4. Cricket

    and hafeez gone at 11-1 FML!
  5. Cricket

    Rehman and Shoaib in interesting, hopefully shoaib can silence his critics, cause pretty sure hes on the outside looking in at this point, he needs a good showing to play in a game with more on the line Rehman and Ajmal, both are alright, but dunno if any of them are even required. Afridi and Hafeez have both bowled pretty well lately, but they could come in handy too and i dunno about the Younis and Misbah split, i liked them both together, especially during struggles, they both can really steady the team and im surprised at the safe start the openers decided, not like sehwag aha
  6. Cricket

    Haddin Gone!! this could be a good thing tho, the openers think this is a test
  7. Cricket

    zimbabwe looking pretty good too! Haddin got so luckY!
  8. Cricket

    aha yeah buddy! Zimbabwe and Australia starting up soon, hopefully zimbabwe can have a upset victory, id be so happy! ever since 99, ive been so bitter at australia this times Ashes was great Canada is really missing out on agreat sport in cricket, should be more popular, but there are many misconceptions about it here ive noticed. ps- does anybody play here in BCMCL or just for fun?
  9. Cricket

    nice to see cricket thread here and yes awesome start for the wrold cup, i realy thought sehwag would get double, but very well played nonetheless and as for teh canada srilanka game: Canada definitely has potential! They were balling well for their standards for around the first half of sri lankas innings, up until Jayawardena and Sangakarra decided to take control. I think it could have been alot more of a game if one of the reviews went their way, but they werent conclusive, if they were, Sri Lanka could have been in trouble. But maybe against a weakerside like New Zealand, Canada could pull an upset, and i expect them to beat Kenya and Zimbabwe, if Cheema can heat up, then Canada should at least beat Kenya and Zimbabwe. As for me, I am cheering for Pakistan Its a first that our side has Batting as its strong suit, due to the unfortunate incidents with Amir and Asif (I wish Amir was given a lot less!) But regardless, we can surprise many... on a good day, I think Pakistan definitely has one of the best batting sides, rivalled by only India, Sri Lanka, and South Africa... however inexperience, no clear world cup performers so far, and the fact that our batting is best described as mercurial could be detrimental. I believe the fact that Pakistan is seen as darkhorses will be used at motivation by the players and also the last 2 world cups were complete disasters (especially 07 w/ Woolmer RIP)and the 99 finale was well, lets not talk about it And also the fact that we were stripped of host status and that now majority of matches are in India should also be motivators. But a batting line up with Hafeez, Shehzad (both in form), Akmal, Misbah, Younis, U Akmal, Afridi, and Razzaq (on their days the last 3 can literally DEMOLISH any bowling attack) Optimal situation: Openers + Akmal lay the foundation, Misbah and Younis steadily build, and Akmal + Afridi + Razzaq finish it of with a blitzkreig.. and hopefully bowlers just put in a good game every one, cant expect game breaking performances, the days of Akram/Younis/Akhtar/Mustaq are gone and now with Amir and Asif banned, bowling is just not the strong suit, hopefully Gul can elevate his game and lead the attack! For those that dont know, i consider Pakistan-India rivalry the BIGGEST in ANY sport, just such intense games. Note: I dont hate India, in fact they are arguably the strongest side in this world cup and when Anwars record was broken, I was quite content since Tendulkar is pure class and well he deserved it. Its just that Pakistan and India games are just the best! So anyways predictions for groups A) Sri Lanka, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand (do not be surprised to see Canada sneak in!, and maybe Zimbabwe but im gonna hold that until i see them play in 2 hours) India, South Africa, Bangladesh, England anyways, all the best to Canada, but I want to see Pakistan and India face each other, and hopefully not until the final! go Pakistan go! Cheers!
  10. well guys so i have spot for 2 dmen, but have 3 in mind they are Erik Karlsson Oliver Ekman-Larsson Zach Bogosian which 2 do I go for?
  11. who the crap are you?

  12. Since I have a free roster spot and with only 2 games tomorrow, who should i pick out of the following available players? Dallas: Richards Neal Brunnstrom NYR: Prospal Lisin I can only pick one, who should it be?
  13. YES! YES! Kovalev is going to rip it up 1 Doughty 2 Bogosian (very close to DOughty) its really between these two, itd be idiotic if you picked anyone else
  14. Canucks look alikes

    i thought that too