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  1. Time to Bring Back Zack Kassian!

    What a stupid post. Piss poor effort? Vancouver has outplayed Calgary this series so far. They are not showing a poor effort at all, stop basing effort on results. Just like i will try not to base your intelligence on this one post....
  2. SVEN !

    Hahaha, sven I read this thread it makes me laugh so much.
  3. [Extension] Derek Dorsett and Luca Sbisa re-signed

    And the Sedins are also making $100,000 per point. Clearly they must be overpaid as well right?
  4. [Official] Vancouver Whitecaps Thread

    Anyone know why dallas' coach seemed so pissed at the end and came up and shoved our coach?? So weird, I'm really curious
  5. BC Lions

    I believe in Glenn!! :D He has the experience and I dont believe he has been as terrible has everyone has said. His stats alone aren't even that bad. He may be older, but experience is on his side! Go Lions!
  6. BC Lions

    Read again what he said... he is 3rd in the league in passing, doesnt get that from one game. No one is saying he is amazing, but as a fill in quarterback taking this team to the record that he did, has to be a success and no one can rag on him for it. Of course having said, I cant wait for Lulay to get back into form :D
  7. BC Lions

    I think its the opposite of what you say. It gave BOTH teams billboard material. It build hype, sold a lot more tickets, and now in a worst case scenario for him, the team will have more fans supporting then for the remaining home games. I see nothing wrong with it, its not like it was off the cuff, it was planned as a marketing strategy and it worked.
  8. BC Lions

    Well the point isn't for people who already have tickets of course. Its to get people who otherwise wouldn't be going out there to buy some tickets to fill the stadium. Its almost a win win. If BC wins, everyone wins because they sell more tickets and everyone is happy and wants to come back. If BC loses they still have sold some more tickets, they will have more people in attendance at the final four games, and at worst lose just a bit of money as a trade off, if any.
  9. Tennis

    how did that young canadian girl do? I forgot her name, the one who has come out of nowhere?
  10. NHL Goal Montage

    Nice! I like the song
  11. Quit being gullible, you are the problem with this team.

    Find me a link that said he would waive it.... That is his whole point, not to go engaging rumors and bashing players over rumours that more often than not aren't true.
  12. Quit being gullible, you are the problem with this team.

    Thats not what he is saying.... there is a difference between talking about change and mindless bashing and making up and engaging unfounded rumours
  13. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    Theres a surprising amount of stupidity in this thread. I guess thats to be expected though in a thread wanting to buy out Garrison.
  14. Jason Garrison potential buyout candidate

    are you kidding? Tony G is carazay. Garrison has been the only player who hasn't missed a game this year, and has been a constant presence on the back end. Sure, he hasn't played amazingly, but who really has this year?? lol. He is way down the list. I wouldn't be surprised if no one got bought out
  15. [PGT]Bye Playoffs?

    You answered your question.... 10 percent is still a chance... you tool