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  1. Haha, oh CDC you're always good for a laugh. Typical Bieksa lover trying to sway the conversation away from the fact that Kevin Bieksa is having another crappy season. I really don't give a hoot about my avatar and lil wayne but I do give a hoot about the fact that the Canucks are losing and a certain #3 is having major issues. So let's discuss that children, instead of bringing me back from my slumber. Pce out homies
  2. Long ago in this thread I gave out points of discussion that outlined why I believe Kevin Bieksa should no longer be a part of this team. In my personal opinion his best days are behind him as a Canuck, maybe he just needs a change of scenery, maybe he really is a diminishing asset. However there is no way anyone on this board can argue that he is living up to the potential that the people gave him 2 or 3 years ago. We've all thrown out stats, numbers and argumentative points of discussion on this man and it's been up and down with ridicule and craziness. In the end we all have an opinion on a man who people either love or people hate, you (employeeofthemonth) like kevin bieksa, i don't know why... i never will. I dislike him to the fullest extent. This is why we argue. This is what makes this board either fun or annoying, it's just a matter of how you look at it. You say i don't add anything to the convo, well in fairness I regularly set people off with my comments regarding Mr. Bieksa. It tends to start or further certain arguments, it may not always be incredibly constructive but it's a fun way to keep the thread going sometimes. Fun. A word a lot of people are no longer familiar with in the Canuck community. Anyways, I'm gonna continue to argue the point that Bieksa is no longer a necessary part of the Canucks team, and you can argue back. So man up, grow up, and how about YOU give me a reason why you feel we couldn't trade him and get a valuable asset in return that would help our team win a cup.
  3. So... do you pitch or catch with Bieksa?
  4. 1. I support our team, NOT Bieksa. So that is not the argument here 2. Bieksa has not been "a lot better" this year. I don't get where that comes from. His stats and hits are just awful and he doesn't fight. I'm not gonna totally bash his defensive play because it hasn't been too bad of late, but overall im not impressed with his play considering he gets $3.5 mill. 3. Comparing Ehrhoff, Hamhuis Bieksa for one game is silly, it's all about the big picture
  5. Once again Bieksa lovers, why do we have him on our team after reading that?
  6. Once again, it's a bieksa thread not a music thread. Get over yourself
  7. Bieksa has points in ONE of SEVENTEEN games As an offensive defenseman that is just AWFUL!
  8. I like how you didn't actually read what i said, i never said anything bad about Buble. I enjoy Buble's music in fact. oh and fwi, wayne ain't in jail but nice try man. Some people and their intelligence level... my goodness.
  9. Alright everyone I'll do one more, enjoy it because SOME people can't have fun and view an online message board like a flippin private school with all their bullspit... so yeah
  10. Well sorry i couldn't get a little laughter going, you guys probably need it after all... oh and by the way, you couldn't have a more homosexual sig then that michael buble one. I mean im not hating on Buble, but that is hands down the most homo pic of him ive ever seen. no homo.
  11. Scrap what i said there.... Bieksa sucks. 'Nough said.
  12. Awww muffin you don't like lil wayne? well im sorry to hear that, but really i could care less about musical tastes right now. Last time I checked we were talking about Kevin Bieksa, not a black rapper from New Orleans who has zero affiliation with the Vancouver Canucks or Kevin Bieksa. So next time you tell someone to get a clue, how about you stay on topic instead of reaching out for crappy arguments... also, gonna throw this out there, the whole "I have a good argument against them, but it's long, detailed, and I have to get ready for work" is one of the worst excuses i've read in a while seeing as you actually don't have an argument.
  13. In sports stats are everything. Stats determine a players salary, their playing time and whether or not they belong on the team they play for. Technically the things you list there ARE stats, just not recorded ones. Seriously people, get a flipping clue.