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  1. Dishonored 2 - /10 The first game is one of my all time favourites. This one was even better. There are some sequels that detract from the original. There are some sequels that try and shake things up to mixed results where the "improvements" detract from the flow, or from what made the original one unique. Then there are some games that are just superior because they one up the original in nearly every way. This is the latter. It took a surprisingly long time to beat the game once, and I'm going to do it again to play the game a different way, and to find all the things I missed the first time.
  2. Streets of Rage remake. More of a fan made game than anything, but it's pretty fun and expansive.
  3. Kind of annoys me that trying to mod the radio station to have more than three songs, or fixing a completely broken quest, makes achievements disable moving forward. Feels like I have to complete the game in a satisfactory manner before I decide to afford such luxuries as turning those on. Might just go ahead and hack the game because it's less silly than not doing so.
  4. Morales is officially gone.
  5. Wise wrestling on Saturday got cancelled. Vancouver City council threw some red tape at it and made it classified as a combat sport, with all the bull$&!# requirements that entails, or some $&!#. Impossible to run an indie show under those requirements. Doesn't the city have better $&!# to do than stopping people from pertending to beat each other up, for hundreds of fans? Like where do they even find the time? Don't they have to go through the paperwork to turn Main st into a giant bike lane or some $&!#? Thanks councilwoman. For reaffirming that this is a no fun city.
  6. Our avatars are squares again. Not a fan.

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      It's discrimination!  Circles Shapes Matter! 

  7. Perhaps try it on a different difficulty setting. I don't know which you were playing under, but the game gets relentless at the harder levels.
  8. Cutthroat Island - 3/10 I was curious about this movie, because I've simultaneously heard a lot about this movie, while at the same time heard absolutely nothing about it. As in, it's famous for being some movie that bombed at the box office, but I don't think I learned a single thing about any element of the movie besides it having pirates. So I watched it. And now I completely understand why no one ever talks about anything when it comes to this movie. It's so god damn bland. It is the embodiment of nothingness. There's little plot, little motivation, and no heart. No one on screen is given anything to work with, and no one seems to care. There's usually something to take home with a bad movie, whether it's a genuine silver lining, or something so over the top bad that it's interesting. There is not with this one. It almost feels like you have to try that hard to be absent from public consciousness, after spending $100 million on something like this, while lingering for 20 years on home video around the world, playing on TVs and what have you. It wraps back around and becomes fascinating. I don't really hate the movie. I think I might low-key love it.
  9. Raw was pretty good yesterday. That parking lot brawl and that Cesaro/Sheamus bar segment felt so old school in the best of ways. I hope they're bringing that stuff back full time. Cheesy as hell, but still so cool at the same time. There was little to hate. Still easy to find things, like Roman, or Titus, but if you fast forward past them, the rest was good. Smackdown doesn't feel too different for me. Granted I'm not exactly following/watching it, but while watching it it's still treading a line of "kind of good, but not really." Better than Raw, but that's not really an accomplishment. Ellsworth kind of feels like a wildcard in the same way that David Arquette winning the WCW Title was a wildcard. He doesn't feel loveable at all to me. And I don't treat him like a feel good story when so many wrestlers that have better looks, better wrestling ability, better promo skills, better character work, and essentially better everything have come and gone through the WWE system without anything remotely resembling the opportunity given to him here. I mean yeah it's a comedy spot, but this is a guy that has been situated into the main even, and continues to get wins over the WWE champion over and over again. It's a bit too much for me. All that, plus I feel like the guy is just a meme that's gone too far. But in a world where a meme got elected president, and a gorilla has been mourned for the last year, there seems to be no such thing as a meme going too far. I'm largely on an island with my opinion, but I can't wait until he's gone. It's not the fault of the guy himself or anything, because he's just doing what he's been given, but he just offers nothing. Can probably resume watching at least Smackdown on a more regular basis once he finally gets knocked down a peg or two, or thirty.
  10. I tried changing my character's makeup for the first time since starting the game. The colour of blush and lipstick only kind of got to me now, so I never really thought about how to go about even doing so. The only answer I could think of was to go to a doctor in Diamond CIty who could do plastic surgery. And it turns out that was the answer. A plastic surgeon to wash off and reapply makeup. For 100 caps. Lol.
  11. It's really too bad that XCOM 2 has forgone the need for an expansion. Enemy Within was a great thing to add on the first game in this rebooted series. All they've done in XCOM 2 was opt for some split DLC that offered little to add to the experience, especially compared to the wholescale upgrade that an expansion would've made. I remember when they tried doing that $&!# for XCOM Enemy Unkown, and people just fought back immediately, and hard, against them to let them know they shouldn't try that crap again. So they scrapped their plans for their line of $&!#ty one off DLCs in favour of a full expansion. This time, no such thing happened, and no such expansion is planned. It's been only like 3-4 years, but gamers have gotten way too complacent with these practices. Maybe some point down the road they can actually do another expansion. I'm just looking for another reason to boot this game up, because despite not being as good as the first entry, I had some fun with it. Probably just going to uninstall it instead at this point. I did find it easier to get attached to my crew in this game, so it's part of the reason why I want to go on another adventure with them. A lot had to do with the relatively increased customization. With the character generator offering beauts like this name, how could I not.
  12. Sounds fair. But the additions I've heard of make it sounds like sound like kind of an expansion over 5 in its own way. City building stuff seems cool.
  13. I'm more into single player stuff by taste. But having a multiplayer game to get into would be fun. Over the last couple of years the only game I've tried doing so was with Rainbow 6 Siege. But the absence of any Single player, the God awful matchmaking that doesn't let me join my friend's party and drops me out of matches when I do, and the horrible in game business model on a full price game that became excessively worse when they went half in on a free to play model... It was enough to make me outright uninstall the game. More than decent enough game play, but there's nothing that ties it together as an experience, or something I wanted to get further into. I know Overwatch doesn't have a single player right now, but if they do implement it like you said it's rumoured they may, it would sell me on the game in a second. As is it seems like a really fun game into, that has the personality to tie everything together regardless. But having never been a fan of team fortress 2, that has me hesitant. I could get it over Civ Vi, because despite loving the last entry, I never really ripped too far into the Brave New World expansion despite buying it. Same goes for the Beyond Earth spin-off. Ditto too on that game's Rising Tide expansion. Like, I picked apart everything about Civ V, including the Gods and Kings expansion, but I feel like maybe I should try playing a couple of full games of Brave New World before investing into another Civ VI. Dishonored 2 should be a more no brainer pick up, as the first one is one of my favourite games of the last decade. Problem is the bad things I've heard about the port quality. With me not exactly running a powerhouse of a laptop for my games, I wonder if it will even run in a half-satisfactory manner. So in short, it seems a bit up in the air which to get.
  14. Planning out my Black Friday shopping right now. It's not the first time that Doom has been on sale, and I'm pretty sure it has even been $25 before today, but I feel like it's time to stop putting off buying it. But besides that there's 3 other games I'm contemplating picking up. Dishonored 2 is $50, Civilization VI is $60, and Overwatch is $40. I know enough people playing Overwatch to make it more than worth while, but it's too much money to spend to pick up each and every one of these games, so I think it's the one I'm leaving off.