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  1. I finally found the logo in the picture as well. I was just a bit blind. But it makes sense, Ubisoft as been partnered with Nintendo for a while now, and were rumoured to be working on this console as well. As for what you said about Rockstar, it's not necessary that they're missing. They only mentioned Take Two Interactive as a partner, not 2K games or anything. And Rockstar is just a subsidiary of Take Two, even if they're largely independent. That's not a confirmation or anything, but Rockstar's absence in and of itself may not mean too much
  2. I do need to vote to avoid a God kill, but can't put in enough information regarding routing mafia, or defending myself, or even explaining my vote because of work. I can just say, don't lynch me please, beacuase I am TP. If you want to hit an inactive, I am one, but you wouldn't be hitting a Mafia. Vote John Locke
  3. Does it have wireless local play between each Switch? Because their marketing seems to imply you can play with one another if you have multiple Switches at the same location. Which is pretty cool. Seems you could play it like: - a home console with multiple controllers on a TV. - a portable single player tablet/handheld - a portable local mutiplayer experience with a stand up screen and detachable controllers for 2 player play. - use of multiple Switches to connect with each other and add more players to the second and third options. It's kind of like what they were trying to do with the Wii U, with the technology and the functionality that it never had. There's potential here. Especially if they launch it with more than just the new Zelda game coming out. The Wii U's launch lineup was weak, and it hurt it badly. As was the Gamecube's, relatively speaking. A strong lineup does wonders when getting someone to pick up and stay with your console. Would be cool if that Mario game on the preview was released at launch as well, or that they were able to announce a new Pokemon remake to capitalize on the popularity of Pokemon Go. Or anything along those lines. I guess we'll find out what is what closer to the launch, but launch titles are very important.
  4. I'm happy to see there's a sort of come back of cartridge games here. I don't know what media they're using, but the convenience factor of having a 3DS type loading system was probably the only way to go if they wanted a portable system.
  5. The main take away for me is that they have those developers/publishers with them, at least for the launch. Wii U had them as well, but lost them right away when the system failed to take off. The main thing holding back the Wii U was its backwards ass architecture that made it difficult to even port games onto it, if they wanted to. Made having a Playstation, Xbox, or PC alternative necessary for big games. I remember while they were doing PR for the Switch, a few months ago, they mentioned that one their most important goals was to make games easy to develop for it. So as to not scare away third party development. So I assume they did some work on that front. The only thing I see missing was Ubisoft, but maybe I'm blind.
  6. I think the idea looks like it works, but I would need to get into the specs of it all before I could deem anything about it one way or the other. The video does a good job selling the functionality of it, at least. edit: Having that massive third party support to start with was the biggest thing. Looks like they have it. Portable Fallout 4 on the way. Gotta love it.
  7. The Peanuts Movie - 5.5/10 Felt like it was only aesthetically and superficially a Charlie Brown movie, or at least did particularly at the beginning of it. The mood felt like it was shifting every few minutes, and despite it having a very obvious and definedoverarching story, each of these parts felt disconnected from the one before and after it. And despite having an hour and a half in a feature length story, they didn't even begin to explore any of the characters besides Charlie Brown. They get screen time, but they're all just one liners and one offs. And despite that previous thought, somehow Snoopy also received too much screen time. His Red Baron thing did nothing to advance or tie together anything. Just seemed like an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of his appearance to please viewers. Or use his face to merchandise toys and products afterwards. Or something along those lines.
  8. As shady as what was said about him was.
  9. @Stamkos @Time Lord No point in putting your votes to a GK candidate.
  10. As in he was not logged in privately?
  11. Team completely forgot how to play baseball in the league series for 2 years going now. Was disappointed in Encarnacion's AB's this series more than anyone, and in particular this game. Had the game on his bat a couple of times, and didn't nail it.
  12. The Brothers Grimsby - 5/10 It was fairly funny when it was being stupid, but not at all so when it was being crude. And being crude was far too big a part of this movie.
  13. I'm all-around anti-rape.
  14. I was, probably.