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  1. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I dunno, he can be pretty fun to watch, as long as it isn't a one sided suplex-fest. He was good last night. The show has a whole was very meh, though. That sequence between Alicia Fox and Naomi was the highlight of my night for obviously the wrong reasons. I was not hyped for the main event match, and got continuously less so as the match went on. That ending was hilariously classic HHH. Best match was easily Styles vs Lesnar. As said both put on a good show.
  2. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    Has been ruined for me. Not the AJ/Jinder thing, because as much as I like Jinder AJ winning us fine. Good even. But with Cena and HHH in on the survivor series match, that's where I check out. Lost all of the interbrand intrigue in a week or two there.
  3. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Lady Bird - 8/10 That was a very solid movie. Reminded me a lot of the movie "Whisper of the Heart" though it was more about looking for romance and meaning than it was about necessarily finding it. If that's the kind of quality Greta Gerwig has to offer, I'm interested in more.
  4. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    Just finished watching season 1 of Stranger Things. I liked it, but it would have been easier to enjoy it it was not hyped to all hell. It was a good show with bouts of bad writing. Like cheesy, try hard, amateurish, Walking Dead level stuff. Take the Barbara scene, and the symbolism of it coinciding with Nancy and Steve in the bedroom. Like I don't know if they thought they were being subtle, but yikes, lol. It was shot well, and acted well... mostly. The main group of boys sucked, but that was probably more writing based than their performances, I guess. Was hard to get behind them when they were such losers. They were based on a superficial analysis of Stephen King's buddy stories, and the Goonies. Nancy, Steve, and company were a lot easier to enjoy. The show excelled more or less when centered around them. Though I hate "binge watching", this didn't suffer too much from the experience. It was almost like a 6-7 hour movie, more than a show. There wasn't even clean delineation between most episodes. It would have been served better by playing up more mystery elements, dividing them between defined episodes, and airing them weekly. But it was what it was. I'd go as far as to give it like a 7.5/10, and say that I'm looking forward to watching season 2. But if I hadn't been watching it with a group, I'd probably have to knock it down a grade or two. That was probably a big part of what mitigated the whole binge watching thing from being too bad. It's more solid Water Cooler stuff, than it is just quality programing in and of itself. Needs that social aspect to viewing it.
  5. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I find myself actively hating Spiderman more as time goes on. It's incredibly bland and inoffensive like every other Marvel movie. That's what's offending me though. It's marginally better than Civil War and such, but I can't think of a single thing the movie wants to say or do. I hear how some people adore the movie because it sticks more closely to source material Spiderman, but who cares when it's essentially the same movie as every Marvel one that preceded it in the last few years. Like I'm so glad Blade Runner 2049 was what it was, and that the studio didn't try and reboot it with a "Blade Runner" cinematic universe. I probably would have died a little inside if we got a pointless, heartless, "Rogue One"-like prequel. God did I love Blade Runner 2049 though. It was bound to be a hate it or love it type deal with me, as they're calling back to what is one is possibly my favourite movie of all-time with the original. But after applying that scrutiny to it, it shines for me. Visually, tonally, thematically, it touched the right notes. Loved Ryan Gosling's Pinocchio story. It was a little to explanatory and hand-holding a few times, yet still too vague and undefined some others. I also hated Sylvia Hoek in the movie, from her performance, to her character and its writing. Way too distracting when she was on screen. Those things aside though, I'd need an essay to talk about what I think the movie did right. Which is nearly everything. I don't know whether it's too early to call this one of my new favourite movies, but this is one of my new favourite movies. It's a complete anti-Marvel movie. It calls on what came before, and builds on it, without simply rehashing and repeating it. Doesn't worry about alienating average Joe viewer by having a soul. I really need to watch it again.
  6. Sears Canada Going Out of Business

    That's the difference between Sears, and say The Bay. The Bay tends to be on point with their style and selection. I do most of my clothes shopping elsewhere, but I never hesitate to check in and look at deals and what not. Name brands I care about aren't sparse, and exclusivity to sell Top Men helps. Have a hard time walking into the downtown store without buying something. Sears on the other hand was always just that place my mom took me shopping. Haven't been once since the Richmond store closed.
  7. Ring of Honor: Bertuzzi or Burrows?

    Burrows is one of the Canucks that has more games played than Snepsts, if that's a qualification. If Snepsts gets in by being a heart and soul player, isn't that exactly what Burrows is? The ring of Honour seems to be set up to be the small kind of gesture for players like him. But I dunno. I'd at least have him in over Bertuzzi. The whole ring of Honour seems too low stakes to second guess and mull over, at least not until it feels like anybody and everybody is up there.
  8. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I hadn't watched WWE since like July, but I did watch Hell in a Cell. I thought it was a pretty good PPV, and that main event was very well played. Layered storytelling with shades of grey and what not. Something the WWE doesn't typically ever manage. But they did this once. Still have zero plans to tune into Raw, but I kind of have to watch Smackdown this week now.
  9. Georgy Massey Bridge Project Cancelled

    I know, it's hilarious.
  10. [BOXING]Related discussion here!

    That first one was one of the better fights I'd ever seen. I ended up missing this one, but I'm sad to see it end in an early knock out. Honestly surprised it did. Not because these guys wouldn't come out swinging like last time, just that from what I know about Choclatito, and how he probably outboxed Rungvisai last match, I would have expected him to take control.
  11. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I agree with this entirely. He's a completely mediocre worker. Like even in the context of his improved form of now, there's just so many people on the roster that are just straight up better than him. He's good on the mic, but I don't know how much credit to give a guy for cutting the same promo on the same feuds for 12+ years. Hogan did the same, but he changed all of wrestling, for better or worse, while doing it. And Hogan sucked ass too. I'm not ranking him in the top of all time for an ambiguous sense of charisma.
  12. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    GFW is TNA, mate. They're on TV here, and they're Canadian owned, for now at least. Company is always up in the air with its future, but it keeps managing to land on its feet somehow. And the roster is pretty damn decent most of the time. If WWE wasn't full of TNA's all time greats right now, I would argue they had a comparable roster to WWE.
  13. BC Lions

    The Bighill cutting was garbage, yeah. Even if you judge he's too undersized to play against real starters, you shouldn't cut your preseason leading tackler before he even gets a chance to show what he can do on any serious level. All anyone had to say about his play was how impressive it was.
  14. McGregor vs Mayweather August 26th

    I wish I was around people stupid enough to make bets with me on this, lol. Casinos weren't a friendly betting partner.
  15. McGregor vs Mayweather August 26th

    Plenty of strip clubs offering $100 screenings. With family though, lol.