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  1. Fairly certain they are allergic to the concept.
  2. Got Supergirl 1 from her 1st series in '72. Was otherwise afraid to spend any money on anything else besides dollar bin stuff (which is fun to collect and read.)
  3. If Jeff Bagwell was able to make the Hall of Fame with a few years of eligibility to spare, why is Larry Walker so far from a possibility based on voting as it stands? Seems silly. Edit: Not that Bagwell is worse, or undeserving, but Walker had a similar type of career, with similar, if not greater, accolades.
  4. That's hilarious. The exchange rate isn't even close to that bad. Also, Pokken DX is just a remake of a Wii U game. A Wii U game that most people with a Wii U couldn't even be bothered to pick up. Myself included.
  5. That really sucks to hear. I still watch the reruns of this show every Saturday on TV. Will continue to do so, but it'll be a little weirder doing so now. Like watching the episodes with Batgirl in them, who also passed away fairly recently. He did recently voice himself in an animated movie adaptation of his old show. Will have to track a copy of that down now. Thanks for the memories, old chum.
  6. The Sunrise Records that took the place of HMV at Metrotown isn't too bad at all. Didn't buy a single thing yet though, because every CD that I actually wanted to buy was $15.99, without exception. Which is not a good sign, but it's a new institution, so I could play wait and see. If they can get new releases on time like HMV did, it could turn into my go to place. That, plus they need to add a 2 for $20 or whatever deal to most of their older content. But otherwise it has a good selection. CDs, records, and movies. As well as that random merchandise that HMV used to sell, like shirts. Apparently, they're opening in 70 of the old 120 stores. They may need more than luck if they're planning a similar businesses model expecting different results. Wish them well though, because I like seeing a continuation of this type of store.
  7. Wonder Woman - 8/10 About as highly as I could rank one of these super hero movies. Surprised by its lack of awfulness. The theme is stuck in my head.
  8. I really liked John Wick. It was all style, but I loved the style.
  9. This is true. Probably because they keep hard resetting the plot every time they achieve the smallest thing. Hard for the characters to go anywhere when they spend all their time at square one. It's funny though, because for the lack of progression, I'd say the biggest problem is that the show moves through everything too quickly. I can't even properly summarize the first 5 episodes of the season, because too much happened. Can't really complain about the show at all though. It's really good, and really, really, funny. I haven't seen season 1 or 2 of this show... Or Breaking Bad, but I've seen most of this one by being in the proximity of it being played. I just love the tone of the show. Need to go back and watch it all.
  10. Was always wondering how much of that movie was his doing, so watching this one will probably offer some solid perspective on that. As opposed to Jermaine Clement, I wasn't familiar with his work.
  11. What We Do in the Shadows is one of my favourite comedies in recent memory, so this is a must watch for me.
  12. Damn that really sucks. In all honesty it's easy to say he's my least favourite Bond, as I don't like most all of his movies too much. But I grew up on them, and still still watch them all the time. Was just watching For Your Eyes Only just a day or two ago. Absolutely love that one, from his films. One of my favourite Bond movies.
  13. I feel like I should upvote this, unless you enjoyed it. In which case I would have to instead downvote it.
  14. Those cards are insanely stacked already. It's like having an international super Indy show at home.