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  1. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Deadpool 2 - 6/10 I get a lot of what they were doing but it just wasn't as funny the second time around. I don't disapprove of the post credits bit that many did though, as it pretty much fixes the obvious logic hole the movie would otherwise have had (hard to talk about this without spoilers).
  2. 94 & 2011 SCF Run

    The finals game 7. 100%. Ask Raptors fans.
  3. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    I'd definitely watch it, but I don't know how excited I'd be about it. I don't know how necessary it is for a show to "exit while on top", if it's still enjoyable to watch. The issue is that the story was reaching a conclusion, and everything was essentially wrapped up. The last episode in particular tied a bow on it all. You'd need to contrive a reason for a new season, with a largely new cast. The producers could make it work, but the finagling it would require might make for a different show altogether.
  4. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    The Robert California and the primarily Ed Helms heavy season was the same one. It's easy to mix that up though as the whole season was just a mix bag. Like within a 2-3 episode period in the end of season 8, you have all the stuff with Jim trying to save Dwight's career by physically preventing him from entering the Sabre Store board meeting, which was great. Then you have that Andy storyline where he decides to drive down to Florida to get Erin back, which was horrible. Then you have that storyline where Nellie just kind of sits in Andy's office and claims to be manager, which I thought was pretty hilarious. Then you have that part where Andy and Erin head to that Log Cabin to break up with his girlfriend Jessica, which was just the worst. Basically, Andy was the worst.
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm currently playing Pillars of Eternity 2. Though I'm doing so without finishing Pillars of Eternity 1, which may be a mistake. It's just that I've been waiting for this exact type of game to come out. I mean that as no disrespect to the first game, as that slew of old school CRPG games that came out over the last few years is an awesome trend. But I just kind of stopped playing it part way through. Between that game, Wasteland 2, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Tyranny, Divinity Original Sin and the such, they all offer something, but because they're near strictly old school send ups, they can be rather limited. I think they're kind of stuck in a mid 90's structure, before things like Fallout 2, and Dragon Age Origins added more personalised and interactive elements to gameplay narratives. Where a stronger push from the player results in a stronger reaction by the game's story and its characters. Where your intentions are fully realised, played out, and responded to within the game. Everything about the description of Pillars of Eternity 2 seem to indicate that they've intended to take that jump that no one else wants to make. So I kind of want to see it.
  6. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    Yes. Absolutely. His character dragged everything down. Him being the hero was the thing that ruined season 8 above others. And the realizing that and making him a buffoon that gets what's coming to him in season 9 is the best thing about that one. The character was terrible. When he was an ass in the beginning it was fine, as you weren't supposed to like him. But after The Hangover came out, they put him into a position he shouldn't have been in. He kind of half matured, without shedding the things that made him annoying. And i totally agree about Nelly. The argument that she was the biggest problem in the latter season was always silly to me. I don't know that she added too much to the show, but I can't see how she really detracted from it. She was pretty funny at times.
  7. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    Netflix. The answer is Netflix. They're paying him a crap tonne to film exclusive movies for them.
  8. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    If you don't take your own movie seriously enough, no one else will. Not that something like the spy and superhero genres don't need a sense of brevity, but I don't think an entire movie should cross the edge into self parody, and for a series they should not be doing it multiple movies at a time. I Iike Bond parodies, but I don't want Bond to be a Bond parody. It's part of what makes the Marvel movies such trash. Like in Black Panther, when Michael B Jordan's guy throws king whats his face down the waterfall to become the new leader of that place they were in, I couldn't have cared less. Not sure how I'm supposed to given the slapstick, cheesy one liners, and bad observational humour that both preceded and followed it. I personally don't think Logan was too much, but if that's one end of the spectrum, I much prefer it to the other one.
  9. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    The Tick I haven't finished the last 3 episodes yet, but it's been really enjoyable. One of the first online streaming original show that I've enjoyed, really. I mean I enjoyed Kimmy Schmidt and Stranger Things fine enough for a short but they both had their second seasons suck any fun out of watching them. More accurate to say that the tick is the only online show I'm currently enjoying. But then again it hasn't had its second season yet. I like the dry humour, and this version has that light parody charm that the tick does.
  10. Rate Last TV Show You Saw

    Brooklyn 99 was saved by NBC, but I don't see last man on earth being brought back by network TV. It was never really that style of comedy to begin with. More like something you'd find on FX or even HBO. Hopefully some outlet decides to save the show.
  11. NBA Discussion

    So the Raptors' big plan today was to bench Valanciunas? Seems right that they got torched for that one early, and that the game only changed when he came on. Doesn't need to be said, but Casey is &^@#ing ridiculous. Edit: take him off again and of course the game swings back to Cleveland's favour. Also Ibaka is the worst.
  12. Rate The Last Movie You Saw - 2

    I dunno that it felt real. More that it felt like he was fighting for something. That feeling has been absent from all the other superhero movies of late. I agree with @D-Money though that X-2 is easily the best of the series. But I dislike Roger Moore's Bond movies, so take that for what it's worth. He's just so silly that it loses the cool factor that carries a Bond movie. Watching Connery today it largely feels like he's defining an era, where it feels like Moore is stuck in his.
  13. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I was only present for half, but from the accounts of everyone around me who watched it all, it seemed to be easily the best one since Wreslemania 30 (not really much of a bar to cross there.) I enjoyed what I saw, but that Roman main event sucked. It was bound to suck, as there's no good way for it to turn out. The one they went with was the anti-climax, which I still prefer to a Roman win. They really need to stop it with Roman main events though. They suck all the life out of the event when they end (minus of course that awesome Seth Rollins cash in during Wrestlemania 31), They're poorly built up to, poorly wrestled, and have 2 outcomes, one of which only sucks slightly less than Roman winning, and the crowds just hate them. Nakamura turning heel will be interesting though.
  14. Nintendo Switch

    I have nothing against the ports on their own at all. Just wish they were alongside, rather than in place of. Because right now it makes the console feel like a retread. The Wii U itself was slow and scant enough on releases as it was. Find it weird that something successful like the Switch is somehow slower. Financially, I get it from Nintendo. It's too bad that this reverse compatibility workaround is just so expensive for the customer as well.
  15. Nintendo Switch

    That was me, yeah. I didn't much like the first Donkey Kong Country Returns game either, but this was worse than that. I would like a pokemon port either, but that's only really because I've been waiting over 20 years for a 3D pokemon Blue or Red.