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  1. Those cards are insanely stacked already. It's like having an international super Indy show at home.
  2. I'm with Shiznak, the show just went downhill after the tag team ladder match. It was pretty fun before that. I mean with the group I was watching with, we tried to analyze what the best match after that between the last 6 was. I think we decided on Rollins vs HHH because the last 5 minutes of that match were the only moments that weren't mediocre, or straight botchy. So a pretty bad WrestleMania as I straight think half of it was putting me to sleep. But it was far far from the worst I've seen. Like it's not even close to being the worst of the last two, after how miserable 32 was. Cool stage set up. Shane McMahon managed to wrestle very well, somehow (him and AJ had the best match, again somehow). Despite Mojo winning the battle royal being stupid, somehow Hard body Mahal was picked to finish second. The cruiserweight match was great. The broken Hardy's showing up was awesome. So not all bad. But all contained within the bubble of the first half. As for the second, just confirms for me a poorly booked card can't really be overcome. Show only has the potential that the chosen participants and possible results allow it. And there was too much mediocrity there. Reigns retiring Undertaker was awful, but it's not like it started being awful as it played out yesterday. Everything about Reigns is mediocre and everything they decide to do with him continues to be stupid. It was a stupid call back in January. Both the decision to have him be the one to retire Taker, and what it means for him as a Babyface who struggles to get over. It just is what it is. Also, I think Wyatt is going for the reverse Undertaker streak. He even managed to lose last year without having a match, lol. The only booking finish besides Mojo and Naomi I would have changed. Naomi's may have been the worst, even if it was the most throwaway match of the entire card, lol.
  3. That would be horrendous.
  4. I don't know how accurate it is to it, but Cardinal is based on a book that I haven't yet read. I'm actually inclined to seek it out after seeing though after having seen the show. I don't think the casting for Cardinal was perfect, but I don't take issue with the existence of Delorme, That's because, spoiler alert, there's absolutely no romance angle or anything there. It's just a fairly attractive women that happens to be a cop. That in itself could be argued to be a sexist hollywood trope that female leads kind of have to be attractive, but I can't say I take issue with her character, or who they chose to act for her. Looking at both shows, I see a great True Detective clone, and a bad True Detective clone. You're probably right that Cardinal had the bigger budget, but it doesn't take all the money in the world to shoot something competently and make it look good. It helps obviously, but I think the difference between the mediocre and great cinematography goes beyond that. If you keep watching beyond episode one though, It does continue to trend downwards to episode four. Particularly because the actual antagonist drags things down. But it pops back up strongly by episode 5 and ends on a high note.
  5. Kenny Omega making his WWE debut.
  6. I liked Kim's Convenience. Though that is a comedy, what I liked about it was the drama and development between characters. Between Cardinal and Bellevue, both are 6 part mini series taking place in a small Canadian town, where a brash detective is looking missing teens in a race against time, while dealing with their own family drama. I know CTV isn't CBC, but with similar budgets, conecepts and goals, it shouldn't be where one is great and one is awful. With Cardinal being successful enough to become an ongoing series with 2 more seasons, it's probably my favourite show on TV not named Last Man on Earth. With Bellevue, again, I don't think it earned that second episode watch for me.
  7. Tried watching the first episode of the show Bellevue on CBC. It was just one episode, but it was so awkwardly and poorly done. It's a show about a missing kid, but it's all over the place in its focus. I barely know what's going on at any given moment, and even less about the whole story overall. It's a similar premise to the mini-series Cardinal that just finished airing a week or two ago, but where that was incredibly well done, this is the opposite in terms of execution. I think CBC and the show's producers had the same influences and motivation as CTV and Cardinal to put out what should ultimately have been a really similar show, but they missed so hard that I can't see myself bothering with the second episode.
  8. Also Impact bleeding the entirety of their roster over 3 days or so has me choked. Hating this new management/ownership right now. They cut way too much, way too quickly. If all these rumours are true, they're cutting out what made impact tick. From Drew Galloway, to both Hardys, to Mike Bennett and Maria? And now maybe Jade? None of these people did anything but make the show better. Don't look forward to this revamp at all. I'm doubly wishing that Billy Corgan bought the company now. He would have had his own changes, but they wouldn't have been this wholesale, and consistently incorrect.
  9. Really did not like that ending to smackdown, was abrupt, awkward, and poorly set up. Put a big damper on a good story. On top of the timing just being weird, it made Randy's actions from previous weeks make less sense. And since when did they allude to Sister Abigail literally being a corpse that he gained power from. Did I miss the part where they mentioned or alluded to their even being a shed that he was in, let alone that Randy wanted to get inside it? For one, I think Randy being in a real trance he had to snap out of was a far better and the only logical way to go. And if they had to do it as him being undercover this was the weirdest/worst way they could have done it. That was one of my least favourite segments in a while.
  10. Sausage Party was horrible. Rouge one was also awful. Haven't seen Girl on the Train, but I agree with this list.
  11. They could. It's just whether its worth paying him that amount or not. Because it's a lot.
  12. The show Cardinal has been pretty great. Like HBO good. And it was made for CTV. It didn't need to be this good, but the people who created it have been killing it so far. It has been acted very well. Written very well. And it was shot crazy well (like this is some of my favourite cinematography I've seen on TV) I think it took some good cues from True Detective season 1. Though it has its own faults I don't think it carried over any from that show. The lulls in the show have come in the middle episodes of this mini-series, particularly when focusing on the killers point of view and story. They drag things down when they appear. But the set up and the execution by everything that bookends them has been great. Hard to focus on what was "meh", when episode 1 and 5 were as good as they were. The finale. episode 6, is airing next week, and I can't wait. Would highly recommend the series. Again, it's way beyond any expectations I would place on a Canadian made production intended for a Canadian Network channel.
  13. That wedding segment on Impact last night was gold. Was cheering for the heels though, so I was disappointed for Chelsea Green/Laurel Van Ness. She looked choked, lol. Impact on the whole has been continuing to roll well. Wonder what the new tapings will bring with all the behind the scenes creative and authority changes. Kinda disappointed they probably changed their minds about bringing Alberto Del Rio into the fold. Dude is a great wrestler. They should get him if they can.
  14. That's $30+ for the most mediums. Jesus, lol.
  15. John Wick 2 - 8/10 Had most of what made the most movie great, but it lacked a bit of that sparkle. Probably because the newness to the world of the movie wasn't there this time. It's a lot like The Empire Strikes Back to the original movie's New Hope. Both in terms of style, storytelling, tone, and my just not liking it as much as its predecessor, lol. But, there's a lot to like. It's more intense, and the action is of a more "non-stop" variety. At the very least it sets up for what will be a very different third movie.