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  1. Never on #1. Benning is their Stecher. Maybe on #2. Edm is low on D though. And Russell has some jam. I'd do it, doubt Edm would. Sutter probably will be moved to a playoff bound team at the TDL. Maybe Edmonton. But do you know what? I expect these young guys to be better than last year, and we may also be chasing a spot later into the season again. And Sutter, if he stays healthy, will be part of the reason and be part of the plan/solution going into the dance. How about we try to get Poolparty for spare parts?
  2. Why on earth did it take 8 seasons and 6 episodes for the producers to finally get Bronson Pinchot into the series? Balki is the Lord of the Vale.
  3. Glad its over. Some stuff that had to happen, happened. Most of it felt like a 2nd grade play, ugh. Breaking Bad was 10x the show this ever was, even at its height.
  4. oh oops i meant to the right of mao. the insane radical leftists call anyone to the right of mao a nazi. i think that the term liberal has been weaponized into a political skewer. actual classical liberals, you know, those who want freedom? those ones? they are still everywhere. but there is a rotten brand of radical leftists, true authoritarians have have come out of the woodwork. they are dangerous. and have taken power positions in government, schools, court houses, and at the heads of social media empires. for the record, i fully despise the use of the left right paradigm. its simplistic, and abused. the real paradigm is freedom vs tyranny. imposing will on others comes from tyrants on the left and right, wings of the same predator. leave me be, and i will leave you be, in your bedroom AND wallet. i think most people feel the same. we are a silent super majority. and i also believe that the radical left outnumbers the radical right by many many magnitudes. neonazis are a freaking myth, like bigfoot rare. the radical left categorizes, as i corrected myself, anyone right of mao, or stalin, to be an altright nazi.
  5. American social media giants crafted the backbone of this. Can anyone not see what is coming?
  6. I like this guy, below. Tim Pool. He is a classical Liberal and has had the balls to call out on a regular basis, has nearly dedicated his life actually, to calling out the radical left establishment push the last few years. Those who call anyone right of Mao a Nazi, those squelching free speech everywhere, those who are actually being the actual Nazis heh. Subscribe, I did. Worth the watch once in a while.
  7. Its called Push Polling. Out dated 20th century propaganda technology.
  8. The media are accomplices to crooked liars. Plain and simple. They didn't get it wrong. They are propaganda pushing presstitutes.
  9. Would you make that trade? I sure as hell wouldn't. Maybe for two Nylanders and a lifetime pass at Disneyland. Also the Leafs are in cap hell. Helllllllll.
  10. Called him his favorite player too. Something amazing is just over the horizon
  11. This is the solution to the problem. But, Canadian governments have locked Canadian people and our resources to international trade deals with guaranteed quotas. These can be broken, but with consequence. I am personally ready to break these deals. I didn't sign them, and I didn't vote the crooks in to sell me down the river. We as Canadians should be the richest people on earth. The largest land mass and by FARRRR the most natural resources per capita on earth, by FARRRRR. Yet we import most of our gasoline (refined oil) because we signed deals in the 70s to never make another refinery. And we export the best fruit. And lumber. The Oligarchy is a big club, and you (and me) ain't in it. Its called the Canadian dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. (thanks Mr. Carlin)