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  1. Speaking of fleecing Calgary, I wonder what it would cost to get Michael Ferland. I love to hate this guy, but it has been a LONG time since anyone with the drive and power that Ferland displays has laced 'em up for the Canucks. Maybe Torres?
  2. Yes please. This kid would be a legend in Vancouver.
  3. Colorado is vastly over valuing their failed assets from a failed team. Yep, Duchene is pretty good. But not worth what Colorado wants <--- 4 top pieces. LOL.
  4. I can't see this team making the playoffs. Sorry die hards. I would not be sad to see any of Miller, Sedin, Sedin, Tanev, Edler, Hutton, Sbisa, Burrows, Hansen, Skille, moved for picks/prospects. The more the merrier.
  5. OJ is for sure. I have been watching Knights games when I can, and following their site and highlights. OJ is playing 1st pair shut down role this season. Not much if any PP. Tons of PK. On a bad team. And he is getting more points than when getting served all the sauce. This means he is maturing, turning into a leader. Do not be surprised when he makes the big team next year. Jake is not doing particularly well on scoring. But he is also not sucking at D. He was -4 two months ago, and he is currently -6. He had 6 points two months ago, and now has 10 points. Jake is clearly learning to play D, which is what will get him back into the NHL. Demko is too early to tell. One more full season in the AHL should tell us where he is heading. If he doesn't bring his GAA and %sv to 910, then we might have a problem. TLDR: OJ is a super prospect still. Jake is better than people think. Demko is still an unknown.
  6. Sell. Sell. Sell. Skidding into the playoffs does this franchise any good at this point in time. First big move is usually the best at TDL, so get cracking there, Jim.
  7. /coughhitchhockisavailable
  8. Sign Sutter up for D
  9. Granny vs the world.
  10. National Interference League
  11. Chaput, Megna, Boucher, could all be waived and farm boys brought in for a taste. Poor Gaunce.
  12. Sloppy but a couple lines are attacking.
  13. Mafia league is mafia. Mafia.
  14. Marky Mark is quickly coming up on a really embarrassing record for NHL goalies. The most starts without a shutout