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  1. Now you know why Benning played musical LTIR all season. It's 100% a cap work around for the playoffs. Many teams have done it, it's not a secret or conspiracy theory, just putting it out there. Also, I expect this loophole to be addressed in the next CBA, so enjoy it while Benning's got his finger in the yarn.
  2. Yeah, that giant pile of money must have been a horrific climb.
  3. I can see Petterson turning into a Peter Forsberg type player in the playoffs. He's not built like it yet, but his physical game in season 2 has been light years ahead of 1. This break could very well have been like a whole summer off for him, and we see Petey in 3rd year form come playoffs. You can see that IDGAF fire in his eyes at times, and he'll go to war to win when it really matters.
  4. Canucks' first-round pick transfers to Devils if they make playoffs The Vancouver Canucks still own their first-round pick for this year for the time being. In a Return to Play memo which the NHL sent out to clubs this past week, the league made a decision on conditional trades impacted by playoff participation, sources confirmed to TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun. There was confusion on Tuesday when the NHL made the official the 24-team format as to whether that meant all those teams had clinched a playoff spot. A playoff berth in the 2019-20 season automatically transfers Vancouver’s first-round pick to the New Jersey Devils. The Canucks originally traded their first-round pick to Tampa Bay last June for J.T. Miller and the Lightning then dealt that pick to New Jersey before the Feb. 24 trade deadline for Blake Coleman. But the condition on the trade was that the Canucks had to make the playoffs this season for the pick to transfer for the 2020 draft. If the Canucks missed the playoffs, the Devils would instead get Vancouver’s 2021 draft pick - unprotected. “More specifically, for Trade condition purposes, a Club will not be deemed to have qualified for the Playoffs unless or until they have progressed into the Round of 16, and ‘Playoff Games/Rounds’ will only include the games/rounds played in the Round of 16 or later,” the memo read. “We believe this interpretation will best reflect the intentions of the parties at the time of the Trade.” So, the Canucks have to win their play-in round against the Minnesota Wild this summer for the first-round pick to officially transfer to New Jersey. If Vancouver loses that play-in series, the Canucks officially miss the playoffs and keep the pick - which would be a draft lottery pick - and the Devils would instead get Vancouver’s 2021 unprotected first-round selection. https://www.tsn.ca/vancouver-canucks-first-round-pick-transfers-to-new-jersey-devils-if-they-make-playoffs-1.1481652
  5. Good thing it's 2020, everyone has exceptional hindsight. The tone towards Benning in this thread is somewhat nasty. He's put together a hell of a young core, and so what if he whiffed a few times early. I'm excited to see this core move forward with him at the helm. People dragging him down reminds me of: Crabs pull any who almost succeed at getting out of the bucket. And this is why we can't have anything nice.
  6. Expect the regular season slight of hand magic trick of LTIR musical chairs to be axed into the ground in the next CBA. It's good for icing a way above cap playoff team, but it's (legal) cap circumvention, 100%. Lots of teams have done it in this recent CBA, and I doubt there will be retroactive penalties applied to it, but with that being said nothing surprises me any more.
  7. Except that I can not do it myself. So I have to ask. Like several others have done so. This is the kind of comment, and person, you, that I want nothing more to do with. This place is nasty.
  8. Can a mod please delete my account? Thanks.
  9. It's deliberately divisive.
  10. Is this the place, or time for such nonsense?
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/khl-players-free-to-sign-in-nhl-as-of-may-1-1.1460425 With the KHL season officially being cancelled Wednesday, players with expiring KHL contracts are free to sign with NHL teams as of May 1. However, as TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun reports, the NHL has instructed teams that they can only sign players to deals that begin next season while this year's campaign remains suspended. Whether or not that changes if the NHL resumes play is unclear. Agent Dan Milstein, who represents Montreal Canadiens prospect Alexander Romanov, among others, told Lebrun Wednesday that Romanov is currently weighing his options for the future. "Over the next couple of weeks we will discuss different options," Milstein said. "I would expect he would make a decision based on this year's NHL season. It's possible, depending on what happens, that if Montreal wants him he could probably sign and come this year instead of waiting for next season. Because he would be free to sign after May 1." Milstein added, however, that re-signing with CSKA Moscow remains a possibility as well. Romanov, a second-round draft pick of the Canadiens in 2018, posted seven assists in 43 games with CSKA Moscow this season. The 20-year-old was without a point in the team's four-game first-round playoff series. A native of Moscow, Romanov had one goal and six points in seven games with Team Russia at the world juniors earlier this year. In 2019, he posted one goal and eight points in seven games at the tournament.