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  1. Bettman's rosey cheeks bobble around and around, but you know, and I know, its all about money. Hockey is the marquis draw at the olympics, and the NHL wants a cut from the IOC and IIHF. There was a news article maybe 3 months ago, that said the NHL turned down $186m, so you know, and I know, the amount is north of this.
  2. Pioneer!
  3. My two cents is that I would never leave my two cents with any despot until they cleaned up their human rights record. The huge Chinese population in Vancouver, lives in Vancouver because its not China. Mildly disappointed, but not at all surprised.
  4. Every single guy on the Hawks, much like the Red Wings of 15 years ago, apparently has a letter on their jersey. Yap Yap yap at the refs.
  5. Canucks for too many AHL'ers on the ice.
  6. Chances are, this will not happen. But its something worth exploring. Now we need a coach that has won in the NHL, a guy that has the reputation for getting the best out of his young guys. Is Hitch this guy? Probably not. This is where this strategy seemingly falls flat on its face. Green you say? No NHL experience. Youth experience. I don't know where we go from here. Don't be surprised if WD is kept on. He has done what he needed to do here. He rode the wave of exodus.
  7. Management knows what they have in Granny. So this is going to open up a wing spot for someone waiting in the wings. Blessing in disguise, I suppose.
  8. This musical chairs game Benning is playing, is going to produce some interesting results. He is creating a showcase culture for a bunch of guys, rookies, throwaways, deep scouted long shots with something to prove. We are going to see tools, skillsets, and combinations emerge, some into core players, that no one had any idea existed. This is throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. It will work.
  9. Cursed team is cursed. Wow, just wow.
  10. The future begins when the Sedins and Edler are no longer Canucks.