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  1. Anyone see what Lucic did to Cassels?
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Canucks/videos/vb.63958787144/10155668376922145/?type=3&theater
  3. Carcone picking up where he left off in Penticton.
  4. Gonna get flamed for this, but I am kind of tired of seeing and hearing about how great of leaders the Sedins are. Do the terrible, 99% fail between 6 pairs of leg passes that end up in your own net count as leadership? How about the skating in quicksand, feeble stick wave back check? Is that leadership? How about the new age sports cliches spouted to the media after a completely terrible team game, is that leadership too? This mantra of the Sedins as the greatest leaders really grinds my gears, because I do not see it. At all. They were good players. They might have been good leaders even. But leading by example goes far, FAR beyond having great cardio.
  5. They tried this after the last lockout, and is not coincidentally when the Sedins really broke out. They called everrrrrrything. Till the playoffs, then was same old $&!#e.
  6. Benning saw these changes coming and has built for it with speed and skill. The team will adjust and this team should flourish. I love the changes -- calling the game like the book says? What a novel concept!
  7. Welp, I am going back to bed. I didn't tune in to see a win, I tuned into see an effort. Soft, perimeter play. Same as last 5 years.
  8. Typical on last PP, Sedins eat up 109 seconds, Bo gets on for last 10.
  9. LOL Dorsett hits the net from 190 feet away, but can't from 3.
  10. The new rules are really going to open up the game. Any stick anywhere but playing the puck is being called. Shades of 2006-2007. Wonder how long it will last? Credit Benning for moving towards speed and skill, rather than size and grit.
  11. MacEwan has 4th line center written all over him. 2 years.