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  1. This team organization should turn Subban into a LW.
  2. Sure hope there is defensive coaching in Utica.
  3. Boeser is making this team. Yep he is quality depth. Just needs some coaching and NA seasoning.
  4. Its like Sakic's shot. A lot like.
  5. I'd be fine with losing both of them.
  6. Bump to bring to end of thread. Also, is the audio super duper low for anyone else? Had to crank it to barely hear it.
  7. Marky was the best player on the ice both sides.
  8. See Brock 1st on the puck from hashmark to hashmark? This is how he played in Penticton.
  9. My take on the 1st Period: Granlund with Dorsett? Dorsett stirring the pot early. Nice to see Jake. BBB look in sync early. Marky looks sharp. BBB&B on the #1PP. Stecher/Granny 1st goal. Line juggling, Boeser with Burmistrov. Upshall with Horvat? Boeser looks great on PP. Del Zotto is sloppy. Marky very sharp.
  10. Given the skilled foward depth, the direction the league is heading, and that he was Willie's pet, I think Dorsett doesn't make this team.
  11. Fake News. You can do nothing better than to NEVER EVER promote this kind of road apples. You have shone a light on something that did not need it.
  12. This right here is what concerns me the most. That is not fog.
  13. They still have some fun money.
  14. I can see where you could come to this conclusion. Watch again, though if you can. Watch his positioning. Watch how he gets the puck out of the zone. He carries it out smooth, calm, and quick. He chips the puck out over the blue line with a single poke more often than not, what I call "stuffing" at the blue line. He was good. Not flashy, but really consistent and reliable. He was the PP QB yesterday, and did it well. He knows when to jump up, did it many times, and rarely gets caught. There is definitely a reason he was picked where he was. He is going to probably get his 9 games this season, just FYI.