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  1. RIP Richard Loney :(

  2. Vrbrata

    Oh yah, sorry if that came off rude, I literally wasn't sure if the spelling thing was on purpose or not. It's hard to pick out troll jobs on here sometimes. I think you did a nice job other than that, it looks good.
  3. Vrbrata

    ummm....not sure if serious...errr edit: just incase, Vrbata is spelled wrong.
  4. What is your fave Sci-fi movie or franchise out there?

    Franchises: Star Wars Back To The Future Singles: 2001 Brazil District 9 A Clockwork Orange Pan's Labyrinth Jurassic Park 1 Ghostbusters 1
  5. We Need A NEW Goal Song

    I'm guessing the reason you don't hear that song anymore is because the guy who wrote it is a convicted pedophile.
  6. The "cancer" analogy is getting old. Comparing a hockey player with an attitude problem to a life destroying disease probably seems pretty stupid to people who have cancer. Van has a fairly well established pecking order, and would probably be a decent place for him to learn to chill out a little.
  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Luongo make it, not only did he help turn this franchise around, he's also the best goalie this team ever had.
  8. I wouldn't. Too much of a me-first player. There is a reason they never found a winger that worked for him.
  9. Kesler is no Bure. I doubt he even gets into the ROH.
  10. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    Prediction: Van accepts picks and prospects for Kesler. Kesler then immediately demands a trade back to Van. Van offers Tom Sestito and a troll smile. A statue of Kesler and Linden high fiving is erected.
  11. Van - NYI

    convince kesler to go to NYI Kesler to NYI for Griffin Reinhart + 5th overall Tanev + 5th overall to Calgary for Max Reinhart + 4th overall 6th overall + 4th overall to florida for 1st overall, draft Sam Reinhart. I know its wacky, and there may be some overpayment in there, but its fun to daydream while there's nothing going on.
  12. Scott Oake's son is in the Semi-Finals of BGT..

    Agreed. I also think its great that they allow people from other countries to enter Britain's Got Talent. If I remember right, last years winner was from Hungary. It's almost become like "World's Got Talent". Someone should pick up the rights to air it here, it's a far superior show to America's Got Talent.
  13. Scott Oake's son is in the Semi-Finals of BGT..

    Sorry if this is a spoiler, but he's actually made it through to the finals this weekend.
  14. NHL Name Mashups

    Wendel Clark MacArthur Martin St.Louis Blues
  15. Longboarding and the fuzz

    I had a laugh when the yellow helmet d-bag said "you should find better things to do with your time instead of running kids off the road". Clearly an adult who needs to act his age.