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  1. RIP Richard Loney :(

  2. Oh yah, sorry if that came off rude, I literally wasn't sure if the spelling thing was on purpose or not. It's hard to pick out troll jobs on here sometimes. I think you did a nice job other than that, it looks good.
  3. ummm....not sure if serious...errr edit: just incase, Vrbata is spelled wrong.
  4. Prediction: Van accepts picks and prospects for Kesler. Kesler then immediately demands a trade back to Van. Van offers Tom Sestito and a troll smile. A statue of Kesler and Linden high fiving is erected.
  5. absolutely. He looks like the kind of guy that exclusively wears a karate gi, and likely owns nunchucks.
  6. I would argue that the entire season was building up to the reunion of the group (which mostly happened). We didn't really know what Terminus was, so why would we expect a fight? The only fight we really knew was going to happen, was between the marauders and Rick, which indeed happened in the finale. The scene with Rick biting the guys neck was clearly symbolic. It's a show about zombies, and they used that imagery to show that people need to be every bit the monsters that zombies are in order to survive.
  7. Action [ak-shuhn]: something done or performed; act; deed
  8. I've just been reading through the last few pages, and I have to say, it amuses me that there are people saying the finale was slow and boring. In 45 minutes of run time, a boy was nearly raped, a mans jugular was bitten out by another man, a guy was gutted from stomach to neck then stabbed about 100 times, another guy was shot by a samurai chick with his own gun while it was still in his hand, dozens of zombies were put down, a group of cannibals lured in a group of people to eat for dinner which featured hundreds of gunshots used to herd the victims into storage for later consumption, and the gang was reunited. If thats not enough action for you, in 45 mins, then you seriously need ritalin.
  9. Tortorella is the perfect stop-gap. Hire him to try to win now. Start collecting prospects, and when he hits his shelf-life in 3 years get someone else and start a mini rebuild. There's been a few comments saying the Sedins would respond better to a guy like Stevens, and I don't buy it. The Sedins are about as professional as it gets. They will respond to whoever the coach is.
  10. Can't wait for the season to start

  11. Moving to hfboards until the lockout is over.

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    2. BananaMash


      I'd give you my clicks all night long.

    3. Biznow


      k, I will admit, BananaMash's are good though. The first one was short and to the point. The second one had great imagery with the whole "bathing in tears" thing, then the last one brought it home. + for creativity. These are the kinds of flames that make it hard to leave.

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      I'd say goodbye but you seem to keep coming back.:D

  12. Just woke up from a coma, how are the canucks doing?

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      undefeated so far..

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      Has neither lost nor won a game so far.

    4. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Tied for 1st in the league...with 29 other teams.

  13. In honor of the Walking Dead season 3 starting tonight: