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  1. Everyone needs to calm down with the hype on Podkolzin. You need to temper expectations, otherwise you will be disappointed. I've been following this team long enough to remember watching tape on guys like Shirokov, Jensen, etc. and this board thinking they are going to immediately be impact players. Benning is not a fool and will not part with a proven entity (like Boeser or Virtanen) for an unproven rookie. Podkolzin will have to show his worth during camp just like everyone else.
  2. We have a roster full of young players and management needs to set the precedent: You have to earn your contract. Give BB a bridge deal, 3 years at 6 mill per.
  3. #10 - #20 pretty much have the same chances at making it. Hopefully Benning trades down and gets an impact player in return.
  4. My only issue with Kesler is that after the Nashville series he thought he was some Ovechkin level Sniper... Would just gain the zone and fire the puck. Most of the time getting blocked by the defender. He wasn't as well-rounded after that.
  5. Gaunce is definitely bigger than Horvat. Taller than him and has a wider frame.
  6. I really hope Gaunce can make the team this year as a 4C. He has more offensive upside than Richardson, and already has a big frame. Plus he could come in handy on the 2nd PP unit and during shootouts. What concerns me is his point totals haven't risen since we drafted him. I know he played on a good team this year, we he seeing 2C or 3C duty?
  7. If Horvat pans out I will forgive MG for all the other stupid crap he has done!
  8. Gaunce needs to be dominating kids in the OHL, not coasting at a ppg pace.
  9. Not gonna lie, pretty pumped about Bo Horvat. Good size, good vision, great hands in close, and likes to park himself in front of the net.
  10. Exhibit A: Ryan Kesler
  12. What's the deal with this Graovac guy? Is he that much better than Gaunce? Do the Bulls have enough depth at center to do this? Looks like he was a 7th round pick by Minny in the 2011 draft for those who are curious.
  13. Excellent! What kind of expectations should we put on him for points this season? I was hoping he would definitely improve on his 1 PPG pace from last season. Around 90 points would be nice.
  14. Wow, didn't realize Couture spent so much time developing. 4 years in the OHL? I think we should take our time with Gaunce, and not to expect too much from him right away.
  15. ^^^^Thanks for the pics. You can tell Gaunce has at least 3 inches on CoHo.