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  1. Canucks to PURGE all Blue Line balances

    I'm gonna try. Will let you guys know if it works.
  2. Canucks to PURGE all Blue Line balances

    I agree with what you are saying. But every time I paid the Blue Line deposit they said the funds would be held until I decide to buy season tix. Whenever that may be.
  3. Canucks to PURGE all Blue Line balances

    I had the option to buy season tix last 2 seasons, I've just been waiting for more of the rookies to make the team full-time.
  4. I joined the Canucks Blue Line waitlist for season tickets many years ago when the team was playing well and the wait was 5+ years. I had accrued a $400 balance that was to be used for my eventual purchase of season tickets. I haven't purchased tickets yet as I was waiting for the youth movement to continue. Unfortunately, I received an email today stating that my Blue Line balance would be purged after the 2018 season. My only option is to purchase season tickets NOW or use my $400 balance to purchase regular season tickets for ATLEAST 2 games. (they won't let me use the $400 to purchase tickets for 1 game - has to be 2). I'm pretty shocked to be honest, they are basically forcing me spend extra money on top of the $400 or risk losing it all. Very shady move by ownership and management. Just bad business in general... What do you guys think? Am I overreacting??
  5. Trevor Linden: A rebuild would be unfair to Sedins

    LMAO if you think both Sedins can get traded to a contender. Which contender has 2 open spots in their top 6? Which contender has 14 million in cap space? LOL
  6. Virtanen not sure what "stuff" he was suppose to collect

    You can't teach hockey IQ.
  7. Canucks future 1C

    Bo had a terrible first half last season and still put up 40 points. I'm expecting him to get 60 this season. I think he will be a consistent 70-80 point guy in his prime, which would put him right up there with the best 1C's in the league. (Reality check boys, there aren't that many 80+ point guys in the league anymore)
  8. Benning's missing top 6 forward, who is he?

    If Benning wanted Yakupov, we would already have him. Oilers were giving him away last year.
  9. 2016-17 Season Tickets Thread

    Good find bro. Sucks for season ticket holders. That just means the building will be more empty. I got a call to purchase season tickets but deciding not too. Been on the list for like 8 years. Tired of ownership mortgaging the future for short term gains.
  10. Stop hoping for Drouin. If Yzerman was willing to do the deal for Granlund+ he would have made that deal directly with Calgary. This was a desperation move to solidify our Centre position to squeak into the playoffs this year. We essentially traded Shinkaruk for a rental player. Because I don't see how Granlund fits in our lineup once Sutter is healthy. His game isn't gritty enough to be a 4C. RIP Canucks.
  11. No matter how management spins this, this was in fact a desperation move to get into the playoffs. Expect to see more of these trades over the next few days.
  12. There are no more trades coming. They are trying to squeak into the playoffs and need to replace Sutter on the 3rd line. This trade is a disgrace. Once Sutter is healthy, Granlund has no spot on this team.
  13. Feedback and Bugs

    How can I get the full width layout for desktop? Thanks!
  14. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Gaunce and Kenins just got sent down to Utica. &^@# you Lindenning.
  15. Cole Cassels | C

    Why was Gaunce moved to the wing? Horrible in the dot?