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  1. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks 4- 2 Calgary Flames | OCT 8

    Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie
  2. Smoothie/shake recipes Smoothie and food recipes. Its pretty easy to follow recipes too
  3. The Kesler Situation

    Hope the pens lose to AVs rangers so they can crank up the offer for Kesler.
  4. (Report) torts fired tomorrow

    Except we are missing 16 championships.
  5. Official: Deadline Reactions

    Affraid the Canucks have again crushed a relationship with another player. Last year Luongo, now Kesler. If Gillis stays on, he'll point out that Kesler is the key part of this team and it was all media driven. Give him the C to try to make him happy, but trade him next year anyway
  6. [Trade] MacDonald to the Flyers

    Not as much as the fans of cdc know.
  7. Whats the big deal about being 1st to post a topic anyway. People read it/see it then post a new thread right away, before seeing its there 3 times already.
  8. Deal with both teams to maximize returns. Crosby and giroux are gonna be awsome Canucks. Lol
  9. [Rumour] Brodeur has waived NTC

    Brodeur for Lack.
  10. HBO's "True Detective"

    Watched 3 episodes. Nothing happens until final 3 mins. Has it picked up?
  11. [Rumour] Sabres shopping Tyler Myers

    Edler Kesler kassian Luongo for myers coho miller and ehrhoff
  12. Luongo's quote on Kesler was the best

    But they make great tires
  13. Valentine's Day

    Love the fact my wife couldnt care less about valentine's day. I will spend the day up at cypress with my daughter snowboarding till closing.