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  1. Affraid the Canucks have again crushed a relationship with another player. Last year Luongo, now Kesler. If Gillis stays on, he'll point out that Kesler is the key part of this team and it was all media driven. Give him the C to try to make him happy, but trade him next year anyway
  2. Deal with both teams to maximize returns. Crosby and giroux are gonna be awsome Canucks. Lol
  3. sad but true. on a positive note, if anyone plays sportsaction, its been good going against all canucks lately.
  4. Could burrows be what we need to spark this team on the road? He did end that horrid losing streak by scoring a beauty vs Carolina. Not sayin this years road woes are anything compared to that January losing streak, I'm just sayin having burr in the line up could help us get that 1st road win of the season tomorrow. I hope he scores tomorrow to get his confidence back real quick. Go nucks go
  5. kevin lee and mark weeks do it all the time. It was funny at first, but its so bad that you'd think someone would talk to them. They also called Salo and Ruutu swedish, and mentioned how sweden won the bronze.
  6. nine inch nails-we're in this together
  7. Nirvana you know you're right
  8. we should try Sedins with Burr
  9. it stopped now.
  10. its like prairie winters out here....
  11. cool. my eyes hurt. watched football all day then went to a movie. damn, I should be sleeping
  12. what is this lounge?
  13. dang, that thing got tagged already?
  14. another 10cm coming!!! woo hooo