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  1. I know what you mean but Strome not really a good example of that. Bridge deal for a 23 year old who would have produced around 40 points his first season had he played the full 82, hit 50 points two years ago and an off season last season. Definitely a a lot of players who are older getting overpaid for okay production though
  2. They have other expiring contracts but I think it's mainly due to the fact that the Jets are a budget team. They're not a team that will max out on the salary cap
  3. So Grenier and Kenins beat out Baertschi and Hansen ?..
  4. They need an upgrade over Jokinen he hasn't been that 50-60+ point guy they were hoping for. Unless he takes a paycut I don't think his contract will be re-newed
  5. Curtis Sanford
  6. According to capgeek his cap hit will be 3.775 million.
  7. Schroeder for Selke! Schroeder for Calder!
  8. BURR with another goal for Team Canada. Great play by Eberle
  9. Your boys playing for Team Canada right now
  10. Mason vs. Ducks tomorrow or drop him and add Bobrovsky vs. the Sens? Playing Head-to-Head format with goalie categories Looks like Bobrovsky has had better career numbers vs. the Sens over Mason's numbers vs. the Ducks, but these teams are different this year. Thoughts and advice guys?
  11. I have Reimer on my team and am going to take him off IR soon My goalies right now are Quick Enroth Raycroft So between Enroth and Raycroft, who should I drop? *Update* looks like Miller MAY be back this weekend while Lehtonen is supposed to be out for about 3 weeks. Should I keep Raycroft then? Help please!
  12. Which should I trade for Evander Kane? And what's more fair? Pietrangelo or Quincey?
  13. I drafted Berglund. 50+ points last year, young, skilled, starts season on first line on an improved Blues team. I thought he would have a tremendous season but he's had a very slow start. I dropped him and I think you should too. But depends how deep your league is and if you find good enough options to replace him.