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  1. They have other expiring contracts but I think it's mainly due to the fact that the Jets are a budget team. They're not a team that will max out on the salary cap
  2. So Grenier and Kenins beat out Baertschi and Hansen ?..
  3. Toronto retaining 50% of Winniks salary. I think that's where the 2nd round pick came from
  4. Pretty he's making 850k this year but I agree he's been solid for us this year.
  5. And thats why Stamkos and Giroux have won cups right ? A great team can win cups
  6. As per Pierre LeBrun Twitter and TSN go app
  7. I belive I heard Mackenzie on TSN say that he needs to be out at least a week to get a conditioning stint in the A
  8. Cross Brennan off that list . He was a part of this trade
  9. Agree with the Tanev comparison. Dillon is a tough physical player. Due for a raise once the year is done. So cool seeing someone you know make it to the pros and become successful
  10. anyone find a good link to watch the game?
  11. As per TSN GO mobile app. 1 year 750K Good signing for a guy who can provide 30+ points. Cap hit is solid
  12. They need an upgrade over Jokinen he hasn't been that 50-60+ point guy they were hoping for. Unless he takes a paycut I don't think his contract will be re-newed
  13. Curtis Sanford
  14. Schroeder for Selke! Schroeder for Calder!
  15. BURR with another goal for Team Canada. Great play by Eberle