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  1. Ugh, no, not Toronto. They are going to squeeze the life out of Matthews
  2. Considering Markus Granlund plays centre and Alex Burrows plays on the wing, I'm not sure where you're seeing Burrows' replacement.
  3. Well, except for the fact that they play different positions.
  4. Should we even ice defensemen? It's not like they can stop breakaways and odd-man rushes.
  5. Is the ice bad or have the Canucks forgotten how to handle the puck? At least McCann is on the ice.
  6. Good pressure on this PP until that whistle.
  7. Nice to see Gaunce on the scoresheet twice. Let's hope the Comets can close out the third.
  8. Is it just me, or does John Shorthouse sound sick in the post-conference coverage?
  9. The key to this game is to not get into a 7 minute 5-on-3. If we keep it to a 5 minute 5-on-3, we just might have a chance.
  10. Weber maybe should take a break from playing on the powerplay. That's two breakaways he created.
  11. How the heck did Stepan not put that in the net?
  12. At least he managed to help out while falling.
  13. Well, at least Jensen got his first point and Henrik broke his slump.